Your Horse’s Barn Bestie


June 8 is National Best Friends Day, and while the origins of the day are murky (like so many commemorative days) who’s going to dispute a day to celebrate your most kindred spirit? We asked our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook communities to share photos of their horses with their best friends using the hashtag #BarnBestie. Here are some of the images you shared.

Barn Besties
“Jasper with his buddy Franz. Jasper is an 18.3hh Percheron, Franz is a charollais sheep!” Photo shared by Juliet Orazietti on Facebook.
Barn Besties
“Asa, 6 year old American Bashkir Curly and his best Furever friend Peanut the mini- donkey.” Photo shared by Amanda Garrett on Facebook.
Barn Besties
“We had a hard time finding a companies for Rusty (the POA) that he could mildly stand. Then we came across Harley (the gray). They don’t always get along a hundred percent,but how many besties do? But they hate to be apart from one another!” Photo shared by Kristen Hepler on Facebook.
Barn Besties
“Opie (the chestnut) is 9 years old (have had him since he was 4 weeks old) and Rebel (the bay) is 22yrs. old (have had him since he was 1 1/2 yrs old) They are best buds.” Photo shared by Jen Harmon on Facebook.
Barn Besties
“The Three Amigos Blaze (TWH), Koda (Mustang), and Blue (QH) — These three were inseperable.” Photo shared by Kathy Halbrooks Jackson on Facebook.
Barn Besties
“My Crabbet Arabian, Silver, and his little fat buddy Tank. They’ve been buds for over 5 yrs now. ” Photo shared by Kathy Ami N Jamie Smith.


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