Scavenger Hunt


Valentine' Day 2009 Scavenger HuntLooking for something to do when it’s too cold to ride?  From now through Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2009, give HorseChannel’s scavenger hunt a try.  Hidden throughout the site are five Valentine horses, like the one pictured here.  In order to find the horses, search for the answers to the five questions below.  Note: This contest is now closed! Check back soon for the winners and answers to the questions. 

If you submit all five correct answers and URLs, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to receive The Horse Book of Lists by Cindy Hale or a one-year subscription or renewal to Horse Illustrated!

Remember, in order to be eligible, you must submit:

  • All five correct answers to the questions below
  • The URLs where you found the answers
  • Your name, state, and an email address where we can reach you if you’ve won

Good luck, and happy hunting!

  1. What part of the horse is affected by ringbone?
  2. How many NRHA approved reining patterns are there?
  3. In eventing, what is the maximum height for a Beginner Novice course?
  4. What are the two categories of hay that are fed to horses?
  5. Who was the Kentucky Equine Humane Center’s Horse of the Week for December 20, 2008?

*This contest has expired*


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