HorseChannel Contest Rules


    Each user can only enter the contest once.

    Photo submissions must be property of contest entrant.

    Each user can only vote once per day, per entry.

    A limit of one daily vote per household is enforced.  Voting is recorded by username and IP address, any indication of the same user voting more than once a day for the same animal will result in those additional votes being disqualified. administrators reserve the right to disqualify individuals for fraudulent voting activity.

    Fraudulent accounts created for voting purposes will be deleted and removed from

    Actual winner(s) of contests will be determined by the staff, who will manually review all votes. The contest winner will be announced through a posting online.

    The winner(s) will be contacted by email and receive his/her prize directly from the manufacturer or sponsor.


    1. Fist I just LOVE U.. Have U on R.F.Tv But this pass Month I`ve had to deal with my Mom ( has had the Drs. call me 2times in last month & say she`s NOT going to live the night… She has) but whe I do come home U are on the T.V. & I have to watch U.. I have only one horse now, but my freind has 16 where I keep my horse & we work the horses( she is going out to Richard Shraks in June for her final class with him) I`ve seen John Lyons last yr. & Graige Cameron …( I just need some time away & I have been looking at U`r different clinics.. Just can`t afford it at this time. Seening both of them I`d just still LOVE to see U in person & have U help me with my new horse.. U`r article well, this is what I got to say… So well put together.. & Everyone should lean from it..

    2. Hi..I was just curious for the Parelli Contests why you don’t post the winners on the website? I think people would be interested to know who won..


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