Horse Illustrated 35th Anniversary Giveaway


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    HI Anniversary Giveaway
    P.O. Box 8237
    Lexington, KY 40533

    Please include the following information:

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    • Specify your primary discipline, English or western
    • Tell us if you keep your horses at home

    Deadline for entries is October 1, 2011

    For full contest rules, please see our Terms of Use.


    1. I absolutely love Horse Illustrated! !! The prizes in this contests are so amazing. When I saw these awesome prizes I was like, ” Oh my gosh it would be soo cool to win something!!! “

    2. I was shocked to see how many items were being given away! There’s no doubt that every subscriber of Horse Illustrated is going to enter for one of all these horse products!

    3. Hello my name is taylor i am english and i keep my horse at my house cause boarding in parkland is so much money and i entered cause i would like to win thank you so much.

    4. Horse Illistrated has the best contests and giveaways! I am in desperate need of English show attire and a new saddle for my pleasure and equitation classes! Hopefully I’m fortunate enough to win some of that stuff or even Absorbine supplies for my horse! Crossing my fingers. Good luck to all other entries!

    5. I don’t have a horse of my own but I love Horse Illustrated and I love horses to no end! I hope the fact that I don’t have a horse won’t lessen my chances. I’ve been saving every penny I’ve earned since I was ten just so maybe I can have a horse when I get older. I can’t ride very often because it’s very expensive up here and it’s hard for my family to afford lessons, and the dress code for the stables means I have to save up $200 dollars just for new boots and a riding hat. I’ve been working very hard all summer so hopefully I’ll get the money so I can be able to start lessons again. It would make me so glad if I won anything in this competition!

    6. Hi,
      I have an ex-racehorse Shiraz, who needs a lot of food to keep his weight up (hard keeper). In Arizona hay prices have skyrocketed and are currently fluctuating between 15 and 20 dollars per bale. 😛
      So unfortunately no money for new gear. Please help me and my horsey.

    7. I don’t have a horse of my own either but I do take riding lessons at a local stable. I love Horse Illustrated and was so excited when I saw this contest!

    8. I’m in grad school, so finding money to spend on my mare is a constant struggle. I’ve been riding most of my life and most of my gear is getting old and is in need of replacement. I think the 35th Anniversary givaway is a great way for Horse Illustrated to give back to it’s loyal readers.

    9. I don’t have a horse right now, because we don’t have a place to keep it, but it makes me even more crazy for horses every day! I would love to get one of the prizes for my Aunt’s horse, a bay morgan named Chance. I also hope to jump in the Olympics one day! Having some nice equipment would really help me get closer to that goal! Hope me not having a horse doesn’t lower my chances! When I saw about this oppertunity in Horse Illustrated I was extatic! I love the magazine! You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!

    10. Yeah, How do we find out if we won? Will someone call or will it be published in Horse Illustrated? I checked the rules, but it didn’t say anything. Thanks!

    11. I’ve been wondering the same thing! I’ve looked all over to see if I could find anything about when the prizes will be announced, but I couldn’t find anything either.

    12. Hi, everyone.
      Winners will be notified by email or phone, and the list of winners will be posted online once they’ve all been confirmed. Stay tuned…


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