Horse Illustrated Recovery EQ Contest Results


    Thanks to everyone who entered the Recovery Story contest announced in the February issue of Horse Illustrated. All of the entries were inspirational! Congratulations to our winner and runners-up, who will receive Recovery EQ products.

    First Place
    The sound of galloping hooves reached me in the barn, as I went to look out at the giant sand turnout where the “babies” were I thought I knew what I would see. Two year old Lana and my yearling warmblood cross gelding Gabe were racing in the paddock, as gracefully as could be expected for a couple of gawky, still growing youngsters. As they made a turn for another lap Gabe unexpectedly fell down in a flurry of limbs causing my stomach to drop. He laid there for a moment as my concern grew, then he got to his feet and took off again after his buddy. This strange occurrence of my young horse wiping out for no apparent reason would be one I would see again and again. When he was two and his growth spurts and ‘clumsy’ antics could no longer be blamed for his apparent lack of coordination my vet and I attempted to diagnose the cause behind his hind end weakness. Multiple lameness exams, x-rays, ultrasounds, nerve blocks, a trip to Tufts for a full body bone scan, Lyme Disease testing, neurological testing…my hope and my bank account were draining quickly. Gabe’s future was becoming uncertain, supporting a pasture ornament was not feasible and we were coming up empty. The only thing confirmed from our efforts was that Gabe’s Sacra Iliac area was inflamed according to the bone scan. The decision was made to inject the area in the hopes that it would help.

    By this time I had started Gabe under saddle very lightly, aside from his physical discomfort which had good and bad days, I had a fear of his back end giving out while I was on him. For several months all we did was walk and do light trotting. One day I was discussing his medical mystery with a friend of mine and she started raving about Recovery EQ, it had made a huge difference in her horse, it had joint support and connective tissue support-one of the only supplements of its kind! That weekend I ordered Gabe some Recovery EQ, I was out of options, and it was something I had not tried yet. Within weeks of starting him on Recovery EQ his good days started to out number the bad. His racing around in the paddock did not result in as many falls. Our rides began to feel like I was on a real horse. Within months of being on Recovery EQ he was a different horse, he was behaving like a three and a half year old should and we were able to increase his work to mostly trotting and incorporating poles to strengthen his hind end. At the end of five months on Recovery EQ Gabe and I were starting canter work with confidence, his falling down having lessened substantially.

    Gabe will be 5 in June and I believe that Recovery EQ made it possible for us to reach our goals.

    Thank you Recovery EQ!

    — Desiree Cormier

    Runner Up
    My 27-year-old Morgan mare, Dixie, is the horse of a lifetime. She has been my trustworthy, beautiful and talented partner for the past 17 years. After many show seasons she retired to a life of leisure that she deserved.

    I was devastated to get her diagnosis of Equine Cushing’s Disease in 2006. Among many of the ensuing health problems were her feet. Even with medication and careful management of her diet, very painful hoof abscesses, episodes of laminitis and overall “ouchiness” were a common occurrence. While she wasn’t showing signs of arthritis and didn’t necessarily need a joint supplement, I was encouraged by other Cushing’s owners to start her on Recovery EQ.

    I admit I was a skeptic at first -it was touted as a “miracle” supplement and had a high price tag compared to other supplements out there. However, I felt she deserved at least for me to give it a try and so I bought my first container in March of 2008.

    By the end of 5 weeks on Recovery EQ I started to notice subtle differences in her personality–she seemed happier and had lost the slight hitch in her hind leg. She no longer shifted her weight uneasily while standing in the pasture and she seemed brighter overall. I continued on with the supplement into the fall months which are difficult for Cushing’s horses as they very susceptible to fall laminitis. That was two years ago and she has not had an abscess or laminitis episode since. My farrier even commented that she had some of the greatest feet he had seen in a long time!

    I truly believe that the magic of Recovery EQ is responsible for great improvements and am so grateful that I found this “miracle drug!”

    — Natalie Worth

    Runner Up
    My story, like many other animal lovers, included a lifelong dream of having my own horse. My wish became a reality when during August of 2009 I rescued an older gentleman, a registered Arab/Saddlebred gelding 19 years young!

    Andrew, an emaciated, but proud 15.3 hands, most likely had his day in the show ring. Through unknown circumstances, he was put out to pasture and forgotten.

    The first few months were focused on getting immediate needs met. Andrew would gain several hundred pounds, fight insect and allergy related skin infections, have frequent hoof trimmings and become accustomed to a lot of TLC. My goal was to bring my special horse back to his equine best.

    Early in his recovery, Andrew exhibited signs of joint stiffness and weakness. His front legs shook while loading in the trailer. The transition from walk to trot was difficult and there was evidence of stifle issues in his back right leg. I was always reminded by others that he is getting old, but knew I had to give him the best care. His future was in my hands.

    I was bombarded with “expert” advice from well-meaning horse people and discovered there are as many different opinions and experiences as there are horses in the world!
    I read sections of books, equine magazine articles and medical journals, all focused on optimum horse health .Initially I tried several different joint supplements. Maybe I was impatient, but after several months, I saw little improvement.

    One afternoon I read an article in Horse Journal about Recovery EQ. It sparked my interest, but I was not convinced until I read many testimonials and talked with a friend who recommended I try it for my horse.

    Andrew has been taking Recovery EQ for a few months now. The first time I saw him up on his hind legs playing with his pasture mate, I cried. Thanks to Recovery EQ I have a healthier, happier horse. We are trail riding in the dead of winter and both enjoying it! Recovery EQ is an awesome product. Andrew is proof of that. Thanks to this product my horse and I can enjoy growing old together and feeling good with each new day.

    — Catherine Welbon


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