Summer Safety PSA Script


    Speaker: Hi, I’m [your name] and this is [your animal’s name (if they’re included in the video)] from [your city and state].

    Speaker: Everybody loves summer, but it can bring some real dangers to our animal friends, including heatstroke and dehydration.

    Speaker: Here are a few ways to keep your pets and animals safe this summer:

    Speaker: Give them plenty of fresh water to drink. Give them a shady place outdoors to get out of the sun, or keep them indoors. And never, ever leave your pet in the car, whether it’s for a minute or a half-hour. It could prove deadly in the summer heat.

    Speaker: By taking a few precautions and using common sense, this could be your best summer ever with your animal buddy. So let the fun begin — and stay safe!

    Speaker: This message is brought to you by, [your name] and [your animal’s name].

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