Yes You Can!” Contest


    Help spread the word on better care for your pets. Animal Network’s interactive public service announcement (PSA) video contest highlights essential pet care topics. We provide the script, you make the PSA video. It’s that easy!

    How to Enter:
    1. Create a video using the script provided below. Be creative, however contestants must use the script exactly as it has been written.
    2. Contestants may include as few or as many pets, horses or barnyard animals as preferred in the video. Videos that depict animals under duress or as victims of cruelty, contain profanity, obscenities, solicitations, copyrighted info, etc. are not allowed. Animals must appear to be comfortable and treated with respect.
    3. Upload video entries here (Contestants must login or create a Club account before uploading video).
    4. Contestants may submit multiple video entries if desired.

    Sample Public Service Announcement Video (Poison Prevention):

    Current Scripts

    Script NameEntries Must Be Uploaded ByWinning Video Posted
    Pet Appreciation May 15, 2009See Winner »
    Summer SafetyJune 15, 2009See Winner »
    Pet VacationJuly 20, 2009See Winner »

    The winning videos will be chosen by Animal Network editors.

    All video files submitted automatically become the property of BowTie, Inc. and cannot be returned. BowTie, Inc. reserves the right to edit all submissions. All submissions are subject to the discretion of BowTie, Inc. Entries with illegitimate e-mails will be disqualified.

    By submitting a video, contestants acknowledge compliance with these rules, including eligibility and qualification requirements.

    The winner will receive a plethora of prizes! This includes a $50 PetCo gift card, a one-year subscription, or extension, to the BowTie magazine of their choice, 5 pet books from BowTie Press and 1,000 points toward their channel Club account. Their video will also be featured on all the Animal Network sites for one month and will be used as an official public service announcement.

    *This contest has expired*



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