Emergency Preparedness: Survival Stories


    Read Kathy Voyer's natural disaster storyA sudden fire left Kathy Voyer caught between her three mares and a cloud of blazing embers. Read more >>



    Read Jennifer Gillis' natural disaster storyJennifer Gillis found herself and her family, including her horses, trapped in one of the most devastating natural disasters to ever strike the nation. Read more >>


    1. I read both of the stories, they are both eye openers to the devistation that can occur and made my husband and myself aware of what we do not have together if we would have to evacuated our property.

    2. I really liked the article. I just wish there were more of them. It is always interesting to read about what happens to real people when things get interesting. Hope you can give us more of them, so we can read and learn. Thanks.

    3. When I clicked on the top story it went to the site map.
      The second one was an eye opener. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!!


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