You be the Judge!

    See how your scores rate.

    First, play the video on the
    right to see and hear how American Quarter Horse Association judges score the western jog. Then, test your knowledge by watching the test videos below. View each test video and place the horses. Then watch and listen to the test results videos to see how the AQHA judges scored the same rides!

    The Average Jog Trot
    Test 1
    Jog Trot Test 1
    Test 1 Results
    Jog Trot Test 1 Results
    Test 2
    Jog Trot Test 2
    Test 2 Results
    Jog Trot Test 2 Results
    Test 3
    Jog Trot Test 3
    Test 3 Results
    Jog Trot Test 3 Results
    Test 4
    Jog Trot Test 4
    Test 4 Results
    Jog Trot Test 4 Results


    1. This video is very useful for the person showing. It is also very helpful for 4-H youth learning how to judge performance classes. Thanks for putting out these videos.

    2. I appreciate you providing these videos and the narrative. It help young 4-H juding students understand both the reasons and timing of the Jog. We would like to see more on the lope as well, these are very good quality clips.
      4-H Leader

    3. This really helped in Hippology, I showed it to all me teammates. It would be great if you did the same with western canter and english trot and canter


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