2007 Horse Illustrated Photo Contest


    Enter the 2007 Horse Illustrated Photo Contest on HorseChannel.com!

    Show just how beautiful, happy and healthy your horse is by entering the 2007 Horse lllustrated Photo Contest for your chance to win one of three grand prizes from Horseware Products: an Amigo Bug Buster Flysheet, an Amigo Summer Turnout, or an Amigo Jersey Cooler and Amigo halter and lead rope set.

    “Horses in Harmony” is the contest theme this year, so send photos of how you believe your horse portrays harmony, whether in motion, with his surroundings, or with you or a pal. Entries should be focused, well-composed photos of your horse taken in a hazard-free environment. With each photo submission, please include:

    * your name
    * your address, phone number and e-mail
    * horse’s name, age and breed (if known)
    * horse’s breed
    * brief photo caption or description

    The contest will be judged on the quality of the photograph, so here are some tips to capture that perfect shot:

    * Early morning or late afternoon light is most flattering.
    * Photos should portray safe, responsible horsemanship.
    * Film and digital photos professionally printed produce the best quality image.
    * E-mailed digital photos need to be high resolution.
    * Contest is open to amateur photographers only.

    The deadline for photo entries is June 30. The images that best capture horses in harmony will be featured in the September issue of Horse Illustrated magazine, and may appear here at www.horsechannel.com.

    Mail entries to:
    Horse Illustrated Photo Contest
    “Horses in Harmony”
    P.O. Box 6050
    Mission Viejo, CA 92690
    Or e-mail:

    Please write legibly. Photos accompanied by incomplete entries will not be eligible.
    All entries become property of Horse Illustrated and will not be returned. The judges’ decisions are final and the winners will be notified by mail.



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