Seasonal Horse Names


Ever notice how many horses have names associated with this time of year? Surely you know at least one Frosty, Peppermint, Snowball or Kris Kringle. Here are just five famous horses with seasonal names:

Stocking Stuffer: This chestnut gelding had four high white stockings, which inspired his name. He was one of the most popular show hunters of the 1970s, and won the title of AHSA (now USEF) Regular Conformation Hunter Horse of the Year four times.

Snowbound: A bay Thoroughbred gelding that was a failure at the racetrack became the first horse to win an individual Olympic gold medal for the United States. Bill Steinkraus rode Snowbound to victory in show jumping at the 1968 Games in Mexico City.

Snowman: This big gray draft-cross was purchased by riding instructor Harry deLeyer for a mere $80 from the kill pen at a horse auction. In a few years Snowman went from being a lesson horse to the leading show jumper of the 1950s. He was later inducted into the Showjumping Hall of Fame.

Santa Claus: In 1964 this Irish Thoroughbred won England’s famed Epsom Derby.

Christmas List: Though there are many Standardbreds with Christmas-themed names, Christmas List—whose dam was named Tinsel—is the highest money earner. He won more than $270,000 at the track.

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