Christmas Stockings


Make your horse a stocking with these simple tipsWait a second! Just how many stockings are hung by your chimney with care? What about a stocking for your horse? You can make a stocking for your horse—or for horses owned by your barn buddies—in just a few easy steps.

First, purchase a large, inexpensive red and white fleece or felt stocking from your local craft or discount store. At the top cuff of the stocking, carefully write the name of the horse using white household glue. Before it dries, sprinkle an ample amount of glitter (green or gold works best) over the glue. Allow it to dry, and then shake off any excess. An even simpler approach is to buy a squeeze bottle of glitter glue, which comes complete with a tip that allows you to write names neatly. Next, fill the stocking with a variety of small gifts chosen for that particular horse. Items like bits, little bottles of shampoo, mane combs, tail brushes and hoof picks are all good ideas. Finally, don’t forget to add something yummy for the horse to nibble on. Who knows? Maybe Santa will add a few additional surprises to this very special stocking.

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