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Do your jeans feel a bit tighter than you expected? Are you afraid to get a rear view glimpse of yourself in your riding breeches? Maybe you’re experiencing the after effects of one too many visits through the holiday buffet line. Perhaps sugar cookies really are full of empty calories. Who knew? At any rate, don’t fret. Even if the weather outside is frightful you can still maintain a level of riding fitness. Hit the gym to ride a stationary bike. Play an indoor game like racquetball. Power walk through the mall (but make a detour past the Cinnabon stand). And if you still need to shed those last few ounces, muck some stalls or super groom your horse. Elbow grease always burns calories.

HorseChannel's 2008 Holiday Countdown


  1. I think that if you run about 2-3 miles a day, you can fit into your jeans in about 2-4 weeks. And if you have a healthy diet like: For Breakfast: apple, yogurt, milk, dry cheerios. Lunch: a bowl of salad with light dressing, milk, or lemonade. For dinner: lean meat, veggies, fruit, milk. If you keep on following these healthful tips, you can have a lean figure!=]


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