2010 Horses and Friends Honorable Mentions


The 2010 Horses and Friends photo contest was a great success, with so many wonderful photos! Here are this year’s honorable mentions, selected by our judge, professional equine photographer Shawn Hamilton.

Black and white dog and horse
Megan Capinas – Black and White Dog and Horse
“This is a very nice mood shot, and the symmetry of color between the dog and horse are quite nice.”

Horse and deer
Breana Madren – Horse and Deer
“This is a very eye-catching shot. One wants to put a bubble above the horse and guess what he is thinking.”

Mare and foal
Madi Whitehead – Mare and Foal
“Brilliant lighting and wonderful mood!”  

Two rearing horses
Caren Cartwright – Two Rearing Horses
“This is a wonderful action shot.”

Two horses running
Tiffany Sims – Two Horses Running
“Another excellent job of capturing the motion and the symmetry between the two horses. Well done!”

Two horses in front of wall
Diana Blackard – Two Horses in Front of Wall
“I love this photo. The symmetry and texture give it a mysterious flavor.”

Bashkir Curly
Jennifer Quilkey – Bashkir Curly
“Lovely lighting and great texture. The backlighting accentuates the texture.”

Pony and friend in car
Jessica Volpe.  Pony and Friend in Car
“This photo made me laugh every time I looked at it.”

Horse eating pony's mane
Caroline Guyer – Horse Eating Pony’s Mane
“This shot is very cute.”

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  1. I love the 1st photo and the one of the mare and foal. I wish I had been able to get a cute shot of my Arabian horse and her best friend Dutton, the Dutch Warmblood.


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