2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games


    In the fall of 2010, Lexington, KY hosted the 5th FEI World Equestrian Games. These games serve as the world championships for eight Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) sports: eventing, combined driving, dressage, endurance riding, para-dressage, reining, show jumping, three-day eventing and vaulting. The WEG have been held every four years since 1990, and the 2010 games will be the first time they have been held outside of Europe. See all the news and results from this international event on HorseChannel’s WEG News Page.

    2010 World Equestrian Games- EventingThree-Day Eventing

    Eventing is one of the three Olympic equestrian events and the ultimate test of a horse’s athleticism. Eventers compete in dressage to demonstrate the horse’s training and obedience, cross-country to test endurance and athletic ability, and stadium jumping on the final day to demonstrate the horse’s fitness.  

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- Combined DrivingCombined Driving

    In the WEG, drivers compete with teams of four horses through three phases of competition. Phase I is a driven dressage test where horses are judged on their movement, form and accuracy. Phase II is the marathon, during which the teams navigate a difficult cross-country course that includes water, hills and gates.  Phase III is the obstacle driving test where drivers take their teams through a course of cones in an arena.

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- DressageDressage

    In dressage competition, horse and rider teams are scored on a series of movements that test their training and athleticism. Dressage competitors in the WEG will have three different opportunities to perform over four days of competition. Riders compete in Team Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and the spectators’ favorite, the Musical Freestyle. Dressage horses at this level of competition demonstrate the pinnacle of training.

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- Endurance DrivingEndurance Riding

    The Endurance Riding competition sends horse and rider teams over a 160-kilometer (100-mile) marathon race over the course of two days early in the 2010 games schedule. Winning the endurance competition requires teams to not only finish the race fastest, but to be cleared for soundness by a veterinary exam at the end of competition.

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- Para-EquestrianPara-equestrian

    For the first time in 2010, para-equestrian will be held as part of the WEG. Para-equestrian events of all types are held internationally, however, for the WEG riders will compete in para-dressage. Riders will compete based on their grade of disability with certain modifications allowed if necessary.

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- ReiningReining

    The only western event recognized by the FEI, reining is a rapidly-growing sport and a crowd favorite. Competitors complete one of ten recognized reining patterns, which include elements such as spins, rollbacks and the trademark sliding stop. 2010 will mark the third WEG with this western presence.

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- Show JumpingShow Jumping

    Show jumpers will compete in individual and team events throughout the WEG. At Grand Prix level competition, horse and rider teams navigate a course of 10-16 jumps that can reach heights of up to 6.5 feet. Riders are penalized when their horse knocks down poles or if they take longer than a certain time to complete the course.

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    2010 World Equestrian Games- Vaulting

    The vaulting competition will be the first event to run at the 2010 WEG. Best described as “gymnastics on horseback,” vaulters compete in teams and as individuals performing complex gymnastic and acrobatic maneuvers on a cantering horse. Vaulting is a popular sport internationally and has been recognized by the FEI since 1983.

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    1. Can I watch the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games on tv? If so what channel? I have direct tv. Can I watch it on the computer while it is going on? What day does it start? and what time?

    2. What channel is the FEI Games going to be on? I would really appreciate it if someone told me, because I only have standard tv. So I hope it’s not on cable.


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