Aisles and Walkways


The best floor surface for the barn aisle is slightly roughened concrete (a.k.a., cement) because it aids hoof traction. Smooth concrete is more suitable for tack, laundry and toilet areas because it is easier to sweep. Concrete is extremely durable, nonporous and often less expensive compared to alternatives, such as brick paving or asphalt. The thickness of your aisle concrete will be determined by the weight load it must support and is poured at the same time the foundation is set.

Even a roughened surface can become slippery when wet, so many owners go a step further and enhance the aisle area with rubber mats or use interlocking rubber pavers. Pavers come in a variety of colors so, if you wish, you can create designs on your walkway or sport your barn colors.


  1. I am presently building a barn and would like to use the interlocking rubber pavers for the center isle, wash stalls and stalls themselves. I have received all sorts of opinions on this and would like to know the pros and cons of this plan.


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