Blueprint for Success: Part One

Planning, budgeting and financing lay the groundwork for a successful barn-building project.

Consider the information below before beginning the house barn process

Today, financing and building a horse barn does not have to be a mere pipe dream for many horse property owners. Barn manufacturers abound and offer everything from turnkey projects to construction of basic buildings that are finished by others. Although cost is usually the determining factor for what kind of horse barn you can build, spending money wisely from the outset can offset the difference between what you want and what you settle for.

The keys to long-term satisfaction with your horse barn are careful planning, choosing a reputable and qualified builder and monitoring the work like a building inspector. If you are skilled enough to build your own barn, or decide to subcontract for part of the work, you may be able to save money, but the downside is you will have to manage every detail.

Zoning Issues
There’s no point in planning to build a barn if your property isn’t zoned for one, so that’s the first order of business. Read more >>

Barn Budgeting
Consider this advice on budgeting for your barn. Read more >>

Barn Style
The type of barn you build should be appropriate to the purpose it will serve, now and in the future. Read more >>

Barn Site Selection
After you’ve identified what and where you are allowed to build on your property, you can decide upon the best location. Read more >>

Barn Builder Selection
Choosing your builder is an important step in the building process. Read more >>

Ready for more? Read Blue Print for Success: Part Two and get into the construction details.

Louann Chaudier and her husband live on a small farm in southern Wisconsin with three American Quarter Horses, four wallabies and five cats.


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