Blueprint For Success: Part Two

Read more about the process of creating your dream barn

After reading Blueprint for Success: Part One, the vision of your dream barn is starting to take shape. As covered, you’ve planned your budget and gotten the financing in order. You’ve determined the style of barn and plans are in place. Now all you have to do is build it.

Once you’ve chosen a builder for your new barn, signed the contract and agreed to a start date, you’re probably anxious to get underway. Here is a rough summary of the processes involved in building your barn; however, be mindful that every construction project has its own individual challenges.

Site Work
Excavation work is the first part of the on-site building process. Read more >>

Delivery of Materials
Several flatbed trucks turning onto your property will give you the first view of your new barn. Read more >>

A secure, level foundation is one of the most crucial elements of your barn. Read more >>

Aisles and Walkways
The best floor surface for the barn aisle is slightly roughened concrete. Read more >>

Stall Floors
Stall floors can be roughened cement, dirt, clay, asphalt, crushed limestone, sand or wood. Read more >>

Most horse barns today are post-frame buildings.

The first on-site wiring will be covered cables strung across the ground and connected to an outside electric power box. Read more >>

Water is the lifeline of every horse operation. Read more >>

The necessity for barn insulation is somewhat controversial among horse owners. Read more >>

Obviously, choosing a fireproof and water shedding roof to eliminate structural damage is more important than aesthetics. Read more >>

Doors and Windows
Your choices for doors and windows are limited only by the amount of money you spend, with many custom choices available. Read more >>

Custom stall manufacturers make it easier than ever to build sturdy, safe, long-lasting, beautiful stalls in your new barn. Read more >>

Tack Room
This area should be roomy, functional, organized and secure. Read more >>

Wash Rack
A wash rack is practical for owners who show, breed and sell, or compete with their horses. Read more >>

Louann Chaudier and her husband live on a small farm in southern Wisconsin with three Quarter Horses, four wallabies and five cats.


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