Wash Rack


It can also be used as an area to groom horses out of the aisle or to hose injured legs and wounds. Plan for a minimum space of 8 by 12 feet with no windows or doors, a roughened-cement floor that slopes to a drain, and access to both hot and cold water. One handy option is an “overhead boom” water source, similar to those used in car-wash stalls, that eliminates the scary, snake-like hose coiling around your horse’s feet. To increase traction for both you and your horse, use perforated rubber mats.

The great thing about building your own barn is that you can get it right. Most horse owners buy existing barns and must live with, or modify, what’s already there. You can start from the ground up making sure every detail that goes into building your barn will provide a safe and healthy environment for your horses now and for years to come.


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