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December 2015
Horse Illustrated December 2015

4 Things Horse Movies Always Get Wrong
Crafts for Horse Lovers: Holiday Reboot
DIY Horsey Holiday Craft Ideas
A Reputable Horse Rescue
Senior Horse Servings
In Transition
Should You Ride While Pregnant

November 2015
Horse Illustrated November 2015

What Causes Seasonal Shoe Loss?
Let’s All Go on a Trail Ride!
Guide to Body Clipping
Curly Horse Breed Profile

October 2015
Horse Illustrated October 2015

11 Reasons Why I Forgot My Course
Video: What’s Wrong with This Picture?
Should You Soak Your Horse’s Hay
Horse Camping Packing List
Clinton Anderson: Sending Exercise
Become the Herd Leader through Groundwork with Julie Goodnight

September 2015
Horse Illustrated September 2015

Take a Ride on the First Eventing Horse Simulator
Barn Friends Are the Best Friends
An Introduction to Competitive Mounted Orienteering
The Horse Husband’s Survival Guide

August 2015
Horse Illustrated August 2015

Lesser Known Careers in the Horse Industry
What Your Horse’s Whorl Says About Him
Alternative Hoofwear
The Healing Spirit of Horses
American Pharoah News and Video
The Near Side blog
Jumping Over Obstacles with Clinton Anderson

July 2015
Horse Illustrated July 2015

Resolving Conflicts with a Non-Horsey Partner
Teach Your Horse to Go through Water
5 Tips for Taking Great Video at Horse Shows
16 Memories of a Horse Camp Counselor
Horse Trailer Maintenance

June 2015
Horse Illustrated June 2015Expand Your Hoofcare Vocabulary

Is Solar Power an Option for Your Barn?
A Pro Explains How to Cope with Bucking
Leading by the Muzzle

May 2015
Horse Illustrated May 2015

5 Reasons to Love Chestnut Mares
8 Ways to be Your Vet’s Favorite Client
3 Workout Moves to Improve Your Riding
Diet Planning for the Easy Keeper

April 2015
Horse Illustrated April 2015

A Greener Stable
Safe Conditioning
Equestrian Travel Guide
Video: Bridle Bending with Clinton Anderson

March 2015
Horse Illustrated March 2015

Eight Tractor Tips
Ten-Step Grooming Makeover
Overcoming Riding Fears
Best Fencing for Horse Farms
Safer Barn Landscaping

February 2015
Horse Illustrated February 2015

The Mustang Mind
How Horses See the World
The World According to Ponies
Horse Stretching Video
Video: Administering Eye Medication
Circle Driving with Clinton Anderson
Prevent Barn Fires
Mares vs. Geldings
Put Your Love to the Test

January 2015
Horse Illustrated January 2015

Creative Creations
How to Set Effective Goals
How to Choose a Farrier
4 Types of Horse Rescue
Alternative Therapies for Horses

December 2014
Horse Illustrated December 2014

Night Riding
Find the Right Boarding Stable
7 Ways to Save Money on Horse Expenses
2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
DIY Holiday Crafts
New Horizons in Arthritis Treatment
Take Great Sales Photos of Your Horse

November 2014
Horse Illustrated November 2014

Better Stall Cleaning
Choose the Right Equestrian College
Fall Riding and Horse Care
30 Best Horse Movies
The Black Stallion 35th Anniversary
Blanket Central
Showmanship Resources
Cross-Country Obstacles
4 Tips for Naming Your New Horse
A Horse Owner’s Survival Guide to Fall and Winter

October 2014
Horse Illustrated October 2014

Carve Perfect Horse Jack-O-Lanterns
Choose the Right Fencing
Jumping Exercises for Small Arenas
HorseChannel’s Costume Contest
A Horse Owner’s Guide to Paying Vet Bills

September 2014
Horse Illustrated September 2014

Trail Riding Goes Competitive
Stay Fit in Between Rides
2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy

August 2014
Horse Illustrated August 2014

Conquering Trail Terrors
Dogs and Horses
HorseChannel’s Featured Videos
Behind the Scenes at the Secretariat Center
Video: English Saddle Fit

July 2014
Horse Illustrated July 2014

Trailer Guide
Ask the Vet
Fly Control Resources

June 2014
Horse Illustrated June 2014

Horse Show Prep Videos
The Near Side Blog
Over the Fence Blog

May 2014
Horse Illustrated May 2014 HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide

Riding the Mangalarga Marchador
Video: Yielding the Forequarters

April 2014
Horse Illustrated April 2014

Selling Your Horse on the Internet
Rider Reminders for Jumping
Video: Deworming Tutorial

March 2014
Horse Illustrated March 2014

Ride to the Roses
Video: Go Bridleless
Ride without Pain
Ask the Vet
Video: Backing for Respect

February 2014
Horse Illustrated February 2014HorseChannel’s Guide to Equestrian Fitness
Budweiser Clydesdales: Journey to the Super Bowl
Dressage Goes West
Stop Jumping Refusals
Video: Train Your Horse to Tie
January 2014
Horse Illustrated January 2014 Four Exercises to Master the Halt
Video: Gaits of the Icelandic Horse
Metro the Painting Thoroughbred
Herd in Iceland
Horse Rescue Resources
Rescued Horses: The Lucky Ones
December 2013
Horse Illustrated December 2013 A Bit of Advice from Gina Miles
Senior Horses: Aged to Perfection
The Seven Stages of Aging on Horseback
HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide
How to Make a Horsey Holiday Garland
November 2013
Horse Illustrated November 2013 Video: How to Measure Your Horse for a Blanket
Slideshow: Fun with Horse Clipping Patterns
Horse Fun and Games
October 2013
Horse Illustrated October 2013 Video: Inspecting a Trailer
Balanced Trail Riding
Video: Riding Squares for Better Circles
Extreme Tack Makeover
Finding the Type of Trailer That is Right for You
September 2013
Horse Illustrated September 2013

Funniest Horse Video Contest
Handling Bad Behavior
Video: Leg Yielding Tips for the Dressage Horse
Video: Meet the Marwari
Leg Yield Troubleshooting

August 2013
Horse Illustrated August 2013

Better Jumping with Ground Pole Exercises
Video: Fieracavalli in Three Minutes
Horseball: Horsemanship meets adrenaline
Selecting the Right Hay for Your Horse

July 2013
Horse Illustrated July 2013Fly Control Resources’s Fiction Contest
Too Hot to Trot?
April 2013
Horse Illustrated April 2013 Video: Emergency Stop Using Pulley Rein
Dressage Challenge Part I: Arena Workout
Showmanship Success
How to Plan a Riding Safari
Video: The Paso Fino Smile
How to Fit a Halter for Showmanship
February 2013
Horse Illustrated February 2013Horse Calendar Wallpaper
Video: Feed Your Horse by Weight
Video: White Line Disease
A Day at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center
Video: Dragging Objects with Charles Wilhelm
Video: Pre-Ride Safety Check
January 2013
Horse Illustrated January 2013 Off-the-track Thoroughbred Resources
A Guide to Saddle Seat Divisions
Whinny Warz
Horse Health Records
December 2012
Horse Illustrated December 2012 Horse e-Cards
Senior Horse Retirement
Videos of the Week
Positioned for Success
Safe Holiday Decorating at the Barn
November 2012
Horse Illustrated November 2012 Buyer’s Guide to Blankets
Your First Horse
Blanket Central
The Hidden Costs of Horse Ownership
Dressage Arena Exercises
October 2012
Horse Illustrated October 2012 No More Trailer Troubles
Video: How to Pull a Loose Shoe
Trailer Emergency Kit
Must Love Dogs…and Horses
Horse Trailering Emergency
September 2012
Horse Illustrated September 2012Horse Illustrated’s 2012 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions
Reduce Stable Stress
Horse Breed Profiles
Optimal Diet for Cushing’s Disease
Rating Your Run
August 2012
Horse Illustrated August 2012Train Your Foal to Tie Safely
The Trail Rider’s Social Network
Teaching the Sidepass
What is an Easement?
Wide Open Spaces
Choosing the Right Trail Riding Partner
2012 Olympic Equestrian News
July 2012
Horse Illustrated July 2012

Six Types of Equine Insurance
Administering Horse Eye Medication
How to Speak Horse
How Do Horses See The World?
Summer Riding Problems Solved

June 2012
Horse Illustrated June 2012A Change of Pace
A Guide to Showmanship
Ten-Step Grooming Makeover
The Ex-Racehorse Factor
Grooming for Halter and Showmanship
May 2012
Horse Illustrated May 2012Show Where You’ll Shine
Start Your Horse’s Spring Training
Photography Tips from the Pros
Bringing Home a Miniature Horse
Photo Tips from Dusty Perin
April 2012
Horse Illustrated April 2012Four-Way Stop
APHA 50th Anniversary
Name That Horse
How to Compost and Use Horse Manure
Heaves in Horses
Risk-Based Equine Vaccinations
Horse Shopping Step-by-Step
Video: Offside Mount and Dismount
Outside in
March 2012
Horse Illustrated March 2012

Downloadable Stall Card
Parelli: The Seven Games
Timeline of Horse Slaughter
Horsemanship How-Tos
Eight Tractor Tips

February 2012
Horse Illustrated February 2012

Equine Nutrition Fact or Fiction
Jonathan Fields: Building Partnership through Leadership
2011 Alltech National Horse Show wrap-up
Does Your Horse Need Prebiotics and Probiotics?
Soft hands to engage your horse’s hindquarters
Downloadable Barn Feed Chart
Biting flies and other horse-farm pests

January 2012
Horse Illustrated January 2011

Working with Your Horse’s Horsenality
Cure Winter Boredom with Barn Aisle Exercises
Saddle Seat Equitation: Form to Function
Online Tack and Horse Equipment Guide

December 2011
Horse Illustrated December 2011Five tips for buying an older horse
A weekly barrel racing workout is in the can
DIY Horsey, Holiday Gifts
Riding and training the senior horse
War Horse movie trailers
November 2011
Horse Illustrated November 2011Field Guide to Blankets
Treat Your Horse Right
Interview with Chris McCarron
HorseChannel’s Guide to Clipping
Troubleshooting Flying Lead Changes
October 2011
Horse Illustrated October 2011Extinguish the threat of barn fires
Horse costume class tips
Have a horsey Halloween!
Seasonal Horse Care Checklist



September 2011
Horse Illustrated September 2011Haflinger horse desktop wallpaper
Photo tips from John Hockensmith
Horse Illustrated 35th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle
Horse Illustrated 35th Anniversary Memory Card Game
Photo tips from an expert


August 2011
Horse Illustrated August 2011Conquer Water Crossing
Perfecting the Posting Trot
Seven Tips to Help Save Horseback Riding Trails
Video: Gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse
Downloadable Desktop Calendar
July 2011
Horse Illustrated July 2011Camping with Horses
Video: Gaits of the Icelandic Horse
Video: Gaits of the Paso Fino
Seasonal Horse Care Checklist
Video: Mangalarga Marchador
Lameness Locator
All About Hay
Latin Rhythms in the Bluegrass
June 2011
Horse Illustrated Magazine: June 2011Video: Western Pleasure Judging
Video: Braiding your horse’s mane
Video: Horse show hair
Horse Show Top 10
Video: Gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse
Dressage Arena Diagrams
May 2011
Horse Illustrated Magazine: May 2011A Greener Stable
Reasons for Behavior Problems
Prepare Your Horse for a Photo Shoot
Riding out Back Pain
How to correctly fit an equestrian helmet
Video: A nervous trail horse
How to handle rider emergencies at the barn
First Aid Kits for Horses and Riders
Video: Dressage Exercises
Horse Illustrated Recovery Contest Results
April 2011
Horse Illustrated Magazine: April 2011Connecting with your horse
What I learned from facing my fear
Seasonal Horse Care Checklist
What is a fecal egg count reduction test?
HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide
Video: Adventures in Vaulting
March 2011
Horse Illustrated Magazine: March 2011Horses and the Law
Composting on the Farm
Horse Emergency Information
Video: Opening Gates from Horseback
Breathe Easy
Fresh Steps
Spring Cleaning around the Barn
2011 Desktop Calendar Wallpapers
February 2011
Horse Illustrated Magazine: February 2011Video: Body Condition Scoring
Warmbloods of WEG Screensaver and Wallpapers
Video: Adventures in Saddle Seat
End-of-Life Options for Equines
Equine Nutrition from A to Z
2011 Desktop Calendar Wallpapers
January 2011
Horse Illustrated Magazine: January 2011College and University Equine Studies Programs
2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Slideshow
Video: Extreme Cowboy Race
Remembering the WEG with Lyle Lovett
Winter Horse Care Checklist
Video: Adventures in Polo
December 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: December 2010Horse Illustrated’s Grooming Challenge Results
American Saddlebred Screensaver and Wallpapers
Snow Days
Celebrating the Season
Horse Training Videos with Jonathan Field
Video: Taking Your Horse’s Vital Signs
Horsey, Holiday Gift Tags
Dressage Mysteries Solved
November 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: November 2010Baby Green Blues
Perfect Showmanship Patterns
HorseChannel’s Guide to Clipping Your Horse
Blanket Central
Palomino Desktop Wallpaper
Is It Always Good to Go Green?
Clip Tips


October 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: October 2010

Ten Tips to Haul Your Horse in First Class
Guide to Hoof Problems
Mustang Troop at the Kentucky Horse Park
Stacy Westfall’s Championship Ride
Positioned for Success

September 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: September 2010

The Best of Outdoor Living
Seven Fencing Mistakes
2010 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions
Animal Poison Control Hotline
The Stresses of Easy Living
Troubleshooting Electric Fences

August 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: August 2010

Meeting Your Horse’s Nutritional Needs
Controlling the Barrel Horse
In Transition
Speed vs. Spa
Balancing Your Horse’s Diet
2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

July 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: July 2010

Finding the Perfect Trail Horse
Ranch Horse Desktop Wallpapers
Outside In
Trail Survival Guide
Crossing Water with Confidence
Green Fly Control
King of the Hill
Developing Shoulder In
Safe Cross-Country Gear
Horse Cost Calculator

June 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: June 2010

Horse Show Dos and Don’ts
Inflammatory Remarks
Show Survival
Joint Venture
Horse Show Makeovers
Equine Industry Survey Results
Rating the Competition
HorseChannel’s Joint Care Guide
Managing Mane Braiding
How to Band a Western Horse’s Mane
Horse Illustrated’s Great Gear Giveaway

May 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: May 2010

Inside a Lameness Exam
Safe Conditioning
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Barrel Racers
Mini Horse Desktop Wallpapers
Handling Head Problems
HorseChannel’s Guide to Equestrian Fitness
Driver’s Ed
2010 Horse Illustrated Photo Contest
Rider Fitness: Push Hands Exercise

April 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: April 2010

Spring Cleaning around the Barn
2010 Equestrian Fashions
Horse Calendar Wallpapers
Off-Track Thoroughbred Let-Down and Nutrition
Worm Wars
Starting over with Thoroughbreds
Pinto Horse Desktop Wallpaper
Paint vs. Pinto

March 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: March 2010

Think Small
Ride at Home
Eight Tractor Tips
Tractor Buyers’ Guide
Are Spurs for You?
Riding with a Light Touch
Slideshow: Horse Barns
Horse Calendar Wallpapers

February 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: February 2010

10 Rules to Feed by
Downloadable Stall Card
Arabian Horse Screensaver
Horse Calendar Wallpapers
Tack Fit Guide
Saddle Fit
Make Your Own Rope Halter
Hands-on Hackamore Training
Dressage Mysteries Solved
Richard Winters

January 2010
Horse Illustrated Magazine: January 2010

Travel Guide for Equestrians
Colic Prevention Tips
10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid
Downloadable Horse Life Calendar
In Transition
Colic Surgery Guide
A Rider’s Bucket List
Equestrian Pilates

December 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: December 2009

Avoid Neck Reining Problems
Advances Against Cushing’s Disease
Senior Servings
Riding into the Sunset Years
Have a Happy, Horsey Holiday
Great Holiday Giveaway
Leasing Your Horse
Longe Away Tension

November 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: November 2009

Blanket Fit
Slideshow: Blanket Styles
10 Winter Feeding Tips
Guide to Clipping Your Horse
Draft Horse Downloads
Make Your Own Cross-Country Jumps
Miranda Lambert Saddles up

October 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: October 2009

Fall Riding and Horse Care
Balance Your Equestrian Life
Resolving Conflicts with a Non-Horsey Partner
30 Time- and Money-Saving Tips for Equestrians
Morgan Horse Screensaver and Desktop Wallpaper
Horse Expense Calculator
A Trio of Timesavers
Interview with Felix and Dick Francis

September 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: September 2009

Screensaver: 2009 Photo Contest Winners
Spirit of the Horse Photo Contest Runners-Up
Stall Mucking 101
Have a Healthy Barn
Are You Ready to Take in Boarders?
Countdown to the 2010 World Equestrian Games
2008 Photo Contest Winners
Christina Handley’s Photography Tips

August 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: August 2009

HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide
Bit Innovations
Must Love Dogs…and Horses
Range Rovers: Riding with Dogs
Hackney Pony Screensaver
The Benefits of Barn Cats
Pasture Maintenance
Video: Flying Lead Changes

July 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: July 2009

Rocky Mountain Horse Downloads
Field Guide to Flies
Summer Survival Tips for Riders
Slideshow: Stay Cool Summer Fashion
Get Your Head Together
Interview With Madeleine Pickens
Rolex Three-Day Event Downloads
2009 World Cup Results
Video: Great Grids

June 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: June 2009

Slideshow: Show Ring Trends
Managing Mane Braiding
HorseChannel’s Guide to Supplements
Analyzing Feed Labels
Be a Horse Show Buddy
Download a Horse Show Checklist and Stall Card
Practice Course
Show Clothes Splurge or Steal
Tips for Bathing Your Horse
Show Solutions: Dealing with Disaster

May 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: May 2009

Horse Illustrated 2009 Photo Contest
Bob’s Photography Tips
Rider Fitness
Video: Get Fit to Ride
4 Fences 7 Ways
New Thinking on Deworming
Springtime Screensaver
Video: Anky Reins
A Second Chance for Thoroughbreds

April 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: April 2009

10 Tips for Greener Horsekeeping
Natural Fly Control
Walk to Lope Transitions
Tack Cleaning Tips
Spring Tune-Up
Horse Vaccination Chart
Work Areas in the Barn

March 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: March 2009

Charmed, I’m sure
Video: Express Eventing
Trailer Training Psychology
Towing Capacities
Winter Spa Day
Mud-Related Health Problems
Score More
Dressage Judges’ Pet Peeves

February 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: February 2009

Help Unwanted Horses
Equestrian Careers
Education on Tractor Safety
Make Your Own Cross-Country Jumps
Is Your Horse College-Bound?
The Man Behind the Lens
Horses That Heal

January 2009
Horse Illustrated Magazine: January 2009

Rescue Reality
Guide to Equine Back Care
A Change of Pace
Slideshow: Alysheba Returns to America
Riding Out Back Pain
Editor’s Bookshelf
Molly Powell’s Winning Rides

December 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: December 2008

Dashing Through The Snow
Skijoring: The extreme winter equestrian sport
Safe Driver Checkpoints’s Joint Care Guide
Exclusive Mary Ann Kennedy Ringtones

November 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: November 2008

Blanket Central
Treat Your Horse Right
Great Clips
10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid
A Classical Act – The Lipizzaner Horse

October 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: October 2008

Treating an Abscess
Bandaging a Hoof
Flawless Riding Position
Stop Jumping Refusals
How to Pull a Shoe
Keeping Warm During Barn Chores

September 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: September 2008

Be Prepared for a Barn Fire
Questions to Ask Your Barn Builder
Avoiding Dental Problems
2008 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions
Trailer Emergency Kit
Better, Faster, Smarter Stall Cleaning

August 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: August 2008

Six Summer Trail Riding Tips 
Olympic Moments 
Troubleshooting Electric Fences 
Finding Your Perfct Trail Horse 
Gaited Horses Entertain in Equitheater 
Tennessee Walking Horses Hit the Trail

July 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: July 2008

Trail Problem Solver
30 Tips for Better Trail Riding 
Too Hot to Ride?
Green Fly Control 
Two- and Four-legged First Aid 
Drill Team Patterns 
Shoulder-in Training Wheels: the Shoulder-Fore 

June 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: June 2008

Friesian Screensaver and Desktop Wallpapers
Just Breathe
From the Judge’s Booth
Tall Boots
How to Band a Western Horse’s Mane 
How to Attach a Temporary Tail Extension 
Horse Show Checklist

May 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: May 2008

Spring Training
Photo Contest 2008
Photo Contest Tips for Better Pictures
Horse Show Makeover
Horse Deworming Chart
Horse Vaccination Chart

April 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: April 2008

Let’s Play Doctor
Wound Care Chart
Q & A with Genevieve Cortese
Ten Things to Know About Financing a Horse Trailer
Bang a Horse Tail 
Perfect Your Roll-Back 
30 Property Maintenance Tips 
10-Minute Tips

March 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: March 2008Horse Treats: Molasses Cookies
Horse Treats: Oatmeal Carrot Crunchies
Mare and Foal Guide
Green Horse Rules to Live By 
Finding an Equine Chiropractor
February 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: February 2008

Equine Massage
Building Jump Standards
Rating Your Run
Utility Vehicle Maintenance
30 Ways to Balance Family and Friends 
Therapeutic Horses

January 2008
Horse Illustrated Magazine: January 2008

Vacationing with Icelandics
Platinum Performance Exhibition of Champions
30 Nutrition Tips 
Storing Bagged Feeds
Make Way for the Horse
Horsey Holiday Carrot Wreath
Parelli’s 10-Minute Tips

December 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: December 2007

Holly Jolly Horse Treats 
HorseChannel’s Guide to Supplements
Shetland Pony Grand National
Guide to the Slow Jog
Escaping the Wildfire
Part II of Escaping the Wildfire

November 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: November 2007

A Balanced Approach 
Sitting Trot in Style 
Partial Clips: The Best of Both Worlds 
Working with Your Horse’s Horsenality™ 
Blanket Technology 
A Fitting Solution 
Weighing Your Decision 
To Clip or Not to Clip? 
Blueprint for Success: Part One 
Blueprint For Success: Part Two

October 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: October 2007

Top 10 Mounted Games
Try Mounted Games
You Tell Us: Why is your horse a special family member?
Senior Horse Retirement
Pin the Perfect Stride
Mounted Games Videos
In Memory of John Henry
The Helmet Argument
Your Letters

September 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: September 2007

Photo Contest Tips for Better Pictures
Starting Over With Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds Part One: Teach aids for riding, not racing.
Starting Over With Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds Part Two: Reclaiming The Mind
A Change of Pace
Seven Tips for Missouri Fox Trotter Versatility Success
Arena Lighting
The Ribbon Quilt Crafter
Fence Maintenance
Getting Your Leads on a Greenie
Choosing a Horse Rescue

August 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: August 2007

Towing Capacities 
Tips for Thicker Tails 
Celebrating the Good Times 
Selling Your Horse on the Internet 
Half-Halt How-To 
Understanding the Risks of General Anesthesia   Too Hot to Trot? 

July 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: July 2007

You Tell Us: Helmets 
Help on Rollback Turns 
Saddle Fit 
Mule Days Celebration 


June 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: June 2007

Managing Mane Braiding
Show Nerves: Fixing the Fear Factor 
Train Your Horse to Pick Up a Foot 
Showmanship: Perfect Your Presentation 
Perfect Your Showmanship Patterns 
Mule Days Celebration 
Horse Theft Prevention Tips 
Horse Show Checklist 
Competition Countdown Guide 

May 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: May 2007

Top Tails for Show Hunters  
Fiesta of the Spanish Horse
Saddleseat Myths and Misconceptions 
Preventing Tail Rubbing 
The Long Shot 
Deworming the Reluctant Horse 

April 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: April 2007

Saddled with Mystery 
Emergency Preparedness: Survival Stories 
You Be the Judge 
You Tell Us: Fear 
Aura from the Women at Wrangler Asked, You Answered! 
Andalusian and Lusitano Slideshow 
In Memory of Barbaro

March 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: March 2007

Foaling Checklist 
First-Aid for Laminitis
Nail That Lead
Pet Peeves of Dressage Judges

February 2007
Horse Illustrated Magazine: February 2007

Colic Prevention Tips 
St. Valentine’s Blind Date Ball 
The Man Behind the Lens: Arnd Bronkhorst Interview 
Could You Possibly Play Polo?



  1. My wife is interested in an article in your magazine about an older women’s first trail ride on the Nez Perce trail. She thinks the article was in one of the June through September 2006 issues. Could you check on this and tell me how I could get a back issue?
    Thanks so much!
    Doug Bell
    5706 77th ST
    Lubbock, TX 79424
    (806) 745 – 2556

  2. I’ve been reading ‘horse magazines’ for 40 years and have settled on two top, worth while publications. Your’s being one of them, I’m searching for an artcle that I read in the past three years about a program that was being developed to promote ‘country’,large animal veterinary students who were financialy challenged. It was to encourage practicing in small communities after graduation by assisting in the funding of their education.
    Do you know of any programs or assistance available? I appreciate your time and knowledge on this subject.
    Thank you, L.L.Lindley

  3. This is such a great channle. I enjoy reading the horse magiseens. I love hearing that the horses are getting the cair that they are getting. And allso the great thing the people are inventing for our horses to be heathy and woarm. Thank you so much for letting me write yhis to you. happy greatings, LOve emily.

  4. I’m always looking 4 ways 2 make me a better rider and Horse Illustrated is the answer to my prayers! Everything I need to know is all packed in this magazine. I’m always counting down until i recieve my next one. 🙂


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