HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Eggbutt Snaffle


Eggbutt snaffle bitEggbutt Snaffle: This oddly named snaffle does indeed resemble the oval shape of an egg. Unlike a loose ring snaffle, the eggbutt will not rotate in a horse’s mouth; it’s fixed. Though mouthpieces may vary, the eggbutt is generally viewed as a mild to moderate snaffle.

  • Several decades ago, the eggbutt was the bit of choice for show hunters.
  • Horses with thin skin or sensitive mouths respond well to eggbutts, as the bit rings will not pinch or abrade the lips or corners of the mouth.
  • The eggbutt’s oval shape aids somewhat in turning a horse, though not nearly to the effect of a full-cheek or D-ring.

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  1. Thanks SO much for all of the information on bits! It really helps me decide which one to get for my horse that has not yet used a bit…this helps me pick a mild bit that I wanted, but couldn’t figure out how to know which on was mild, and which one wasn’t. 🙂

  2. Great info on bits!! Honestly saved me a headache when looking for an English bit for my newly transitioned horse from western riding.


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