Finding an Equine Chiropractor

Finding the best equine chiropractic takes research and looking around beforehand

Chiropractic is a popular treatment for equine athletes, but if you have never tried it before, choosing a reputable equine practitioner may be difficult.  To make things more complicated, you have two options to choose from: a veterinarian or a lay chiropractor, which includes both licensed human chiropractors and strictly equine chiropractors.

Jeff Moore of Joseph, Ore., specializes in integrated bodywork for horses, including massage and chiropractic. His approach views the entire patient–including its physical, mental and emotional environment–as an intricate network of interconnected energies that contribute to the health of the horse. He offers some tips for choosing a practitioner that is right for you and your horse.

Unfortunately, finding an equine chiropractor is not as simple as picking up the phone book or Googling “Equine Chiropractic.” Moore explains that an existing comprehensive database of equine chiropractors isn’t available. The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association certifies existing vets to do chiropractic after an eight-week course, but there is no licensing body specifically for equine chiropractors. “That is a problem because there can be some very dangerous people posing as chiropractors,” Moore warns, adding, “but because of word of mouth, they don’t usually last.”

He recommends talking to a range of different horse people in and out of your circle of friends, making sure to include people who are experienced horsemen and competitors.

“Word of mouth is a good way to go if you know who to ask,” Moore says. “Knowledgeable, sensible horsemen are a good source. The problem comes from people who don’t really understand their horses to begin with, who get taken in by slick-talking practitioners who aren’t really that effective.”

Having the opportunity to ask a potential chiropractor a couple of questions and deciding if he or she would be the right person to work on your horse would be nice, but Moore cautions you must be sure you understand chiropractic well enough to evaluate the answers, since they usually aren’t cut and dried.

He does, however, offer a few suggestions: “The first question would be, ‘Do you use sedation?’ “ Moore says this is a red flag. “It is impossible to get any feedback from a horse that is sedated and very easy to cause more damage from over-adjusting. The second question would be to have the practitioner explain what he does. If he talks about ‘popping them back in’ or ‘getting them back in line’ and he doesn’t work with muscle tension and mental tension, I would be wary.” Moore also suggests asking if the chiropractor checks saddle fit and how the shoeing affects the horse, and whether he or she considers the rider’s chiropractic and bodywork issues, noting, “The answers to just those questions could fill a book.”

According to Moore, there are a couple of things to consider where the individual horse is concerned, so once you find someone you like and have your horse treated, pay attention to the results. “Does the horse move better, more freely and with less pain? Also, the reaction of the horse to the session is important to the long term effectiveness of the treatment,” Moore says. “If the horse stays tense or becomes more tense as the treatment goes on, that particular practitioner is not giving the maximum benefit to the horse.”

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  1. I need to find a good Equine Chhiropractor for my Arabian mare she is having horrible times with her shoulder and neck and front legs..Please help me find a good chiro for her.

  2. I also am looking for a chiropractor, in Texas, near El Campo. Must do farm calls. I think my horse slipped and / or fell and besides hurting her shoulder, I think she messed up something in her hip. She is hobbling and hopping around. THANKS!

  3. I have worked with Geoff Clarke for years. His years of Chiropractic experience gives my horses the edge they need to successfully compete. His therapy is effective,gentle and my horses are always more relaxed. He is a knowledgeable horseman with an eye for movement subtleties .
    He was in Vacaville Ca for years then moved to Pleasant Grove near Sacramento. His phone number is the same. 707 451-4628 One hint:on the day he comes to visit your barn, put the dogs away.

  4. Hello Horse Channel. I need a Equine Chiropractor Veterinary that has also an excellent knowledge of Rolfing. Must hold a Veterinary degree and be certified as a Chiropractor and/or Rolfer. My equine appears to have pain when she canters from her hind left leg. Newburgh area in NY on Hudson Valley. Thanks.

  5. Remember in most states it is illegal to do chiropractic on a horse unless you are a vet or a vet is on site supervising. I won’t use someone who practices illegally like this as I would consider them to be untrained and unethical.

  6. Hi Kitty,
    Could you tell me more about Geoff Clarke? I really need an equine chiropractor and somebody already recommended him to me, what are his rates? my mare is great but due to her ill fitting saddles she has severe back pain and she just doesn’t seem right, body structure wise. Any information you could give me would be useful. Thanks!

  7. Hi Shelbie
    I have the phone number for Geoff Clarke, Clarke’s Equine Service. His office number is 707 451 4628. His office phone is a message but he calls me back quickly. The really nice thing about working with Geoff is if he can help you with the problem your horse is having, he will. If his services won’t help with the situation, he is honest enough to tell you. Ive worked with him for years and found this to be true,
    Good Luck with your mare.

  8. Hi my name is lorrena I have a horse that is having hip issues everyone says that he needs to be adjusted but no one knows of anyone that adjusts horses. Can someone please send me in the right direction. Not able to ride scared that i might hurt him he wont run or when he tries he just hops the doesnt want to move any faster than a slow walk after that. please Help


  10. hello my name is liz and i have been trying to find a chriopracter for my horse. He acts like there something wrong with his left sholder we do barrels together. i called everyone no one has retured my calls and i did make an appoinment with one man he he nevered came.Can you please help me?

  11. I live in WY and UT and have had great success with equine chiropractors. Now I am trying to find someone in in or near Malad City, Idaho. Any ideas?

  12. I am looking for a chiropractor for my horse in or around the area of Williston North Dakota, she is ready to foal in about 6 weeks and she is very touchy in the back area. She has been to a trainer for 60 days and was bucking at random times and someone said have you ever had her back checked so now I am looking for someone to check her back. Please help any information will be appreciated!!!!

  13. Ann from Coalville, Who did you use? I’m in Bridger Valley and need to find someone for one of our horses that got stuck in a cattle gaurd last fall.

  14. This is a great article as it addresses what the horse owner really needs to know and what to avoid.I don’t know if there is a listing for Equine Chiropractors in the State of Louisiana but since this site is about locating a proficient one, I highly reccommend Jim Hembree out of Downsville, La. He has a degree in Equine Science, has been a Horse Trainer for about 35 years and a chiropractor for about 6 years. Our horses have responded extremely well and Jim explains form and function with every adjustment.He performs stress point therapy and considers the entire horse and rider. His technique is non-invasive and the horses become relaxed.

  15. I am looking for a chiropractor for my 17 year old Tennessee Walker. She has some chronic issues due to having been an abused horse who has been rehabilitated. She is touch sensitive. We live in upper Washington State near the Canadian border. Can someone help me!

  16. I live in Texas and it seems impossible to find my boys a chiropractor. I haves 19 yr old throbreed that was abused and a 14 yr old quarter. Both mean a lot to me. In Texas the laws and rules seem to keep chiropractors away. I know how great they are for horses well being. I need help we live in Austin/Lockhart area.

  17. I have a 9 year old Breeding stock mare
    she has recently developed a popping sound in her hindquarters it sounds like its coming from the stifle. it doesnt seem to hurt or bother her she rides and moves just fine
    I am just wondering if i should have it looked at
    I also am looking for a chiropractor for her
    I live in Scappoose OR

  18. Hey I have a horse that has a bucking problem. i have been working on him but haven’t sen any improvements. I think he has back pain. every time i try to get on him bareback he moves away and when i put pressure on his back he pins his ears back and moves away.


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