Full-Cheek Snaffle

Full-Cheek Snaffle Bit
A twisted mouthpiece (top) and a smooth mouthpiece on full-cheek snaffle bits.

Full Cheek Snaffle: The vertical cheekpieces prevent the bit rings from sliding into the corner of a horse’s mouth. They also help with turning the horse. For example, when a direct right rein aid is used, the full cheek on the opposite side of the horse’s face will press against the horse’s lips on the left side, helping to turn the horse’s nose to the right. 

  • When used with bit loops or keepers, the full cheek snaffle has a more fixed position in the horse’s mouth. Plus, slight pressure is exerted on the horse’s poll when the reins are used, giving a semblance of leverage action.
  • One of the most popular bits for show hunters.
  • The full cheek snaffle is available in a wide variety of mouthpieces. A twisted mouthpiece is more severe than a smooth one. Generally, the tighter the twist, the more severe the bit will be.

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    1. I want to start my Arab with a full cheek snaffle, which will be rubber coated. Now I am just riding her with a halteer or bosal type of halter.


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