HorseChannel’s Online Guide to Bits: Grazing Bit


The Grazing BitGrazing bit: One of the most popular western curb bits, the grazing bit features fixed shanks that connect to a mouthpiece that usually has a mild or low port. The shanks typically bend back, often to a noticeable extent. This design modifies the leverage action so the horse tends to travel with its nose in front of the vertical.

  • Reining and cutting horses often compete in some style of grazing bit.
  • This is also a popular bit for trail horses.
  • Though its name refers to the belief that the bit’s curved shanks allow a horse to graze, a horse should not eat while wearing a bridle.

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  1. I’ve always wondered why they were called “grazing” bits…Very helpful and know i know they’re perfect for my horse!! =D


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