HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: High Port Curb


High Port Curb BitHigh Port Curb: The height of the port helps to determine the severity of a leverage bit. While a low to medium port provides comfortable room for a horse’s tongue and is therefore relatively mild, a high port bit is generally considered severe. That’s because when the reins are pulled, a high port can rotate and then apply pressure to the palate of the horse’s mouth.

  • To escape palate pressure, the horse learns to break or flex at the poll.
  • A horse that’s difficult to control doesn’t necessarily require a high port curb. It may simply need more training.
  • In the wrong hands, a high port curb can be abusive. Yet it’s a useful bit for a sophisticated rider on a responsive, schooled horse.

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  1. I sometimes ride Paso Finos and they use this bit. They seem to bear it just fine but they’ve probably used it a long time and I don’t have heavy hands.


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