Administering Horse Eye Medication



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  1. i liked the way you did it. i love horses. thanks for showing me how to do that. i dont have a horse but i want one really bad.
    love chloe’

  2. Good job by Dr. but even better job by calm horse. My guy goes nuts when we have to put the ointment in and although we use the Dr.’s technigue, it can be very difficult, especially if the horse is in pain. Does she recommend a twitch if the chain from the lead over his nose fails, because he half rears?

  3. Since the eye is a sensetive area, its important to know how to eye wash and apply ointment. I never knew how to do this before.

  4. I just had a problem with my horse eye, and the vet came and she had torn her eye inside, just missed the cornea and he gave her a shot for pain and the ointment,it really is difficult to do it by yourself,but, I was doing it wrong, now I know thank you so much C. Adams, Michigan

  5. Excellent article and demonstration as long as you have a very docile horse! I am dealing with a horse that is extremely head shy. I would like to have some inside tips on how to handle this situation without adding more stress to the horse. Thank you!

  6. great tips for medicating a horse’s eye. I had to use Clear Eye wash on my gelding several weeks ago. He would not stand still and it did take a few attempts before I was successful.

  7. Great video on administration of eye drops and ointments in horses. You’re so right, best to have someone help you cause it can be a challenging task.

  8. ok so I have a blue eyed paint wth no black around his eyes have any tips on howto help him with sun burning , eyes weeping. I put sun screen on him have not used a mask as it is winter and hate to us in there any thing else I can do? want his fore lock longer, think that may help shade his eyes, what do I do to get his mane to grow longer?

  9. Very good, just as I’ve always done, my vet taught me right! And yes, never use an eye ointment with out the vets approval, wrong type can cause a problem rather than fix it!


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