The Year in Horses: 1979



    • Combined Driving is added to the United States Equestrian Team’s
      (USET) roster of international equestrian sports. Prior to this, the Olympic
      disciplines of show jumping, dressage and eventing are the only ones under
      USET’s jurisdiction.
    • The first reports of what we now know as Potomac Horse
      appeared this year. Happily, there is now a vaccination available to
      treat this disease, which was named for the area around the Potomac River in Maryland where it was
      first discovered.
    • Horse lovers and film buffs swooned at the film adaptation
      of The Black Stallion that was released this year. Fewer people swooned over
      another horse movie released in 1979: Wild Horse Hank, the story of a teenage
      girl who saves a herd of Mustangs from a gang of poachers intent on capturing
      the horses to sell them for meat.

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    1. I love The Black Stallion and Wild Horse Hank!
      This clip brought back wonderful memories of sitting at home when I was a little kid pretending the chair was a horse – I would rock the chair back and forth to simulate a horse running.


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