The Year in Horses: 1983



    • In 1983, Horse Illustrated was acquired by Fancy
      Publications, later known as BowTie, Inc. Several changes were made to the
      magazine’s format, including moving from partial newsprint to all glossy pages.
      Other popular features remained in place, like the centerfold posters that our
      readers still love today. Also in 1983, Horse Illustrated increased production
      frequency from bi-monthly to monthly.
    Peter Wylde in 1983
    Peter Wylde wins the 1983 Maclay

    In the Pages of Horse Illustrated
    In the March/April issue, we profiled an up-and-coming rider named Peter Wylde, who had just won the 1982 Maclay final at age 17. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because 21 years later he was at the top of the show jumping world as part of the 2004 gold medal winning team from the United States at the Athens Olympics. And we get to say we knew him way back when.

    Equestrian helmet article from 1983
    Equestrian helmet rules considered by AHSA in 1983

    Helmets were a hot topic back in ’83 (sound familiar?) In September, we told readers about new proposals made at an American Horse Shows Association (AHSA, precursor to the United States Equestrian Federation) rules forum that would require junior riders to wear protective helmets with a chin strap while riding at hunter/jumper shows. Back then, there weren’t limitless styles of approved helmets to choose from. In fact, the ASTM/SEI certification that riders seek out today didn’t exist for equestrian helmets in 1983. The United States Pony Club had come up with a stamp of approval for helmets based on its own criteria, and the AHSA opted to use that as a starting point.

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