The Year in Horses: 1985



    • The U.S. Postal Service issued four commemorative stamps
      depicting American horse breeds. The featured breeds were the Morgan, American
      , Quarter Horse and Appaloosa. The 22-cent stamps were the result of
      efforts by the American Saddlebred Horse Association and the American Horse
    1985 western fashion
    1985 western fashion
    Western fashion, 80s style. Click for larger images.

    In the Pages of Horse Illustrated
    When you think of 80s fashion, you probably think of
    leggings, oversized tunics, high-waisted jeans and leg warmers. You probably
    don’t think about prairie dresses and ruffled blouses, but we sure did. “You’ll
    be the hit of any party when you step out in these snazzy new western wear
    fashions,” we promised readers. We probably meant to say, “Costume party.”
    Sorry for the confusion.

    1985 editor's note
    Click to read the May 1985 editor’s note

    This year, Horse Illustrated added the tagline, “The
    Magazine for Responsible Horse Owners” to our cover to describe the niche we’d
    found for our little magazine. It fit pretty well, so we kept it on the cover
    for the next 24 years. Click on the image to the right to read the note from
    then-editor Jill-Marie Jones explaining why we chose that tagline in the May
    1985 issue. Everything she wrote still holds true for us today.

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