The Year in Horses: 1988



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    • West Germany
      dominated the Olympic Games this year in Seoul, South Korea,
      winning all three team equestrian gold medals. West German dressage rider
      Nicole Uphoff won individual gold aboard Rembrandt. New Zealand’s Mark Todd
      repeated his 1984 victory with another Olympic individual eventing gold while
      Pierre Dutrand, Jr. of France
      earned the gold in individual show jumping. The U.S. show jumping team took the
      silver led by individual silver winner Greg Best and the great Gem Twist.
    Meredith Michaels 1988
    Click image to read about one of Meredith Michaels’ earliest victories..

    In the Pages of Horse Illustrated
    In the March 1988 issue, we ran a news item about four young
    riders from California who had won the Prix des States Team Championship at the
    Pennsylvania National Horse Show. One of those riders was then-16-year-old
    Meredith Michaels (now Beerbaum.) Meredith is now one of the greatest show

    1988 Polocrosse article
    Click for larger image.

    jumping riders on the international circuit today with several World Equestrian
    Games and European Championship medals to her name. Since marrying fellow show
    jumper Markus Beerbaum in 1998, she has competed for Germany.

    Here’s one for the poor predictions department. In May of
    1988, we ran an article titled “Polocrosse: The Horse Sport of the Future.”
    Well, in spite of the author’s statement that polocrosse would be “the
    horsemen’s sport of the 1990s,” it’s still fairly obscure in the U.S. outside
    of some Pony Clubs. Maybe it’ll be the sport of the 2010s.

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