The Year in Horses: 1992



    • The first report on Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) is published this year and traced back to champion American Quarter Horse
      halter stallion Impressive. The genetic disease, which was first reported in 1985, causes attacks of paralysis
      that can last up to several hours in afflicted horses. These episodes can be
      triggered by high intake of potassium. While there is no cure, veterinary
      researchers found a way to test for carriers of the disease so that affected
      horses can be kept out of the breeding pool (theoretically—at least some
      carriers are still accepted by the affected breed registries to this day, and
      there are breeders willing to take the risk of perpetuating the disease.)
    • Endurance joins show jumping, eventing, dressage
      and combined driving as the newest sport under United States Equestrian Team
    • The Barcelona Summer Olympics saw Germany united as a single team for the first
      time since 1964, and the German dressage team continued the dominance it had
      established as West Germany,
      winning team gold. German Nicole Uphoff repeated her 1988 individual dressage
      gold with Rembrandt. Australia
      stole the show—and both team and individual golds—in eventing. The Netherlands won team show jumping while Ludger
      Beerbaum of Germany
      took home individual gold. The U.S.
      equestrians saw some success, earning team bronze in dressage and individual
      show jumping gold courtesy of Norman Dello Joio.

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