The Year in Horses: 2000

    • The world descended into utter chaos when, at the stroke of
      midnight on January 1, 2000, the world’s computer systems all failed due to a
      software bug created by lazy 20th century programmers.
      If you were
      banking on the 2000 computer bug to give you an excuse to pay your January 2000
      board bill late, you were out of luck. In fact, the greatest difficulties
      surrounding the move to a new millennium were felt by those who had checks with
      “19__” on the date line.
    • Australia’s eventing team earned a gold medal in front of
      the home crowd at this year’s Sydney Olympics while David O’Connor of the U.S.
      took the individual gold aboard Custom Made. Anky van Grunsven took her first
      individual dressage gold with Bonfire, while silver medalist Isabell Werth led
      the Germans to yet another team dressage gold. Germany continued to be an
      unstoppable force, winning show jumping team gold. Dutch show jumper Jeroen
      Dubbeldam won the individual silver. The U.S. riders earned team bronze in
      both eventing and dressage
    • A campaign called “Saddle Up America” was launched by a
      group calling itself the Horse Industry Alliance. The idea was to unite the
      fragmented horse industry with all its many breeds, disciplines and
      activities, and market horseback riding to the country at large. The HIA thought
      it was about time we looked past our differences and worked together for the
      growth and improvement of our sport. One of the campaign’s biggest projects was coordinating open houses at barns across the country, introducing newcomers to the process of finding an instructor or purchasing a horse. Alas, uniting the fragmented horse
      industry proved a nearly impossible task. The HIA is no more, and the domain could probably be purchased for the right price.
    • A vaccine for Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) was
      available beginning in 2001. It was given a conditional license, which was
      ultimately revoked as the vaccine was never proven to be effective.
    2000 English equestrian fashion
    Click for larger image

    In the Pages of Horse Illustrated
    Rust was officially out for breeches at the turn of the century,
    but it was back in for show shirts. At least that’s what we told readers in the
    April 2000 issue. Toss aside your boring white ratcatcher and pick up a jewel-toned
    show shirt with “just a hint of shimmer.” Pair it with a western-styled belt
    that the judge will never see (unless she waives coats.) Was this subtle bit of
    metallic accessorizing a sign of things blings to come in the hunter ring?

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