How to Braid a Horse’s Mane for Hunter Competition


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If you grew up riding hunters 20 years ago, chances are you mastered the art of braiding a hunter’s mane. It was simply part of a show horse’s turnout. But with unrated divisions B-shows allowing today’s riders to forego braiding, the ability to braid well is disappearing.  A beautiful coiffure on a modern show hunter is now often left to the skillful hands of a professional groom. However, you can still make your horse look like a national champion, even if you’re competing at a schooling show. Just follow these step-by-step tips.

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    1. Assemble an assortment of braiding tools: 4-ply yarn cut into strips 12-inches long (for our photographic purposes, we’re using a contrasting color), a latch hook (bought at any craft store), a plastic alligator hair clip, a mane comb, scissors and a spray bottle of water mixed with a styling gel or braiding solution.



    1. Make sure you’re braiding a mane that’s freshly shampooed, free of coat polish—that’ll only make it slick—and pulled and thinned to about 4 inches.


Horse Mane Braiding Step 1


    1. Thoroughly dampen the first third of the mane with the solution.


Horse Mane Braiding Step 2


    1. Using the comb, make a part about one-inch wide. Each braid needs to be the same width against the top of the horse’s crest. Snap the clip on the neighboring hair to hold it out of your way.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 3


    1. Begin braiding. Keep even tension on the hair, making sure that you pull down on the mane as you braid. If you pull the hair toward you, the finished braids will stand away from the horse’s neck.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 4


    1. About half-way to the end of the braid, add a piece of yarn that’s folded in half.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 5


    1. Meticulous braiders make a note of how many crossovers they make in a braid before they add the yarn. This adds a consistent look to the finished job.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 6


    1. Split the yarn tails so that they each go in separate sections of the braid ..
Horse Mane Braiding Step 7


    1. … then braid all the way to the end of the hair.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 8

    1. Wrap both yarn tails around the braid and knot once. Make sure you pinch the end of the braid with the fingers of one hand while you knot with the other. This will prevent the braid from unraveling.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 9


    1. Tying the Knot
Horse Mane Braiding Step 10Horse Mane Braiding Step 11Horse Mane Braiding Step 12
For a secure knot, wrap both pieces of yarn around the bottom of the pigtail while forming a small loop with your index finger.Then feed the yarn ends back through.Pull taut, in a sort of half-hitch knot.


    1. This is what the braids will look like at this stage.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 13


    1. Finish the entire mane in the same manner. There isn’t any hard and fast rule about how many braids are required in a mane, but generally speaking, the more, the merrier. And the fancier.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 14


    1. Now pull-through by inserting the end of the latch hook through the top of the braid.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 15


    1. Once your tool has hold of the yarn tails, gently pull on the end of the braid until it butts up against the horse’s crest.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 16


    1. Be careful not  to pull so hard that the end pokes up through the top of the braid!
Horse Mane Braiding Step 17


    1. Continue with your pull-through down the rest of the braids.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 18


    1. This is what the mane will look like at this second stage. Now you are ready to knot the braids off.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 19


    1. To knot your braid off, grasp the yarn tails you just pulled through.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 20


    1. Take one yarn tail in each hand …
Horse Mane Braiding Step 21


    1. Cross the yarn ends under the braid once, then bring the ends back to the top side of the braid about halfway down, where you’ll finish off with a double knot.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 22


    1. As you prepare to knot the braid, here’s a little trick to make the braid lie flat against your horse’s neck. Tie the first part of your double knot, but before you snug it up, slip your thumb underneath. Press the braid against the crest with your thumb …
Horse Mane Braiding Step 23


    1. Then push upward slightly, enough to form a little bump in the braid. Slide your thumb out from underneath as you snug up the knot.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 24


    1. Doubleknot (using a basic square knot) to secure the braid.


    1. All knots must be dead center or your braids will slant to the side.


    1. Snip off excess yarn, leaving about ¼ inch.
Horse Mane Braiding Step 27


Horse Mane Braiding Step 27


    1. Braiding the Forelock
Horse Mane Braiding Step 28Horse Mane Braiding Step 29Horse Mane Braiding Step 30
To finish the mane, braid the forelock. You can simplify things and braid the forelock like the rest of the mane, but if you want to be extra fancy, create a French braid.Tie off the French braid,  pull through,and knot.
Horse Mane Braiding



Now, wasn’t that easy? If your horse tends to rub at night or between classes, you will need to protect your beautiful braids. Pull a stretchy hood over your horse’s head and neck. Wearing some funky pajamas is a small price to pay for looking lovely.

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    You should mention yarn color in the article – i assume you’ve used blue for contrast for the illustrations, but you would want to clarify that folks should actually match yarn color to mane color.

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