Perfect Your Polo Wraps


Polo wraps are a popular product used for protection and light support on your horse’s lower legs during exercise. Here’s how to apply them correctly.

Horse Polo Wrap Step 1

Make sure your horse is standing square before you begin, then start the polo wrap just under the horse’s knee. Place the wrap edge on the inside of the leg. When wrapping a right leg, wrap in a clockwise direction; for a left leg, wrap in a counter clockwise direction.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 2

Wrap twice around the top of the leg and begin angling downward.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 3

Sling the wrap under the fetlock, applying slightly more tension for added support.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 4

There will be a slight gap at that top of the wrap as you sling the fetlock, that’s ok.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 5

When you come back around the leg, angle the wrap upward to create an inverted V on the front of the leg as shown; continue using slightly more tension.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 6

Wrap the fetlock twice around, by repeating steps 3 through 5.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 7

Begin wrapping upward at a slight angle; as you near the top, decrease the tension slightly.


Horse Polo Wrap Step 8

The end result! Notice how the wrap overlaps itself evenly down the leg. Also, while it’s preferable to have the Velcro closure end up on the outside of the leg as shown, it’s not imperative. 


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  1. i hope this will work! i use them to keep my mare’s legs clean over night before a horse show. i haven’t gotten them to stay on but I hope this works.

  2. I always tape them after where the velcro is. I always wrap mine this way and they work perfect! love that they put theses out to help people, I learned how to from photos online 🙂

  3. You should only use polo wraps when you ride, NOT overnight. If you want to keep your horse’s legs clean then use standing wraps!


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