Horse Show Checklist


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Map to showgrounds
Show information
Membership cards
Horse registration
Health certificate, coggins, other required veterinary information
Emergency telephone numbers
Test booklet (dressage riders); NRHA patterns (reiners)
Veterinarian phone number

For Travel:

Truck and trailer registration
Head bumper
Shipping boots or wraps
Tail bandage
Stable sheet
Leather or breakway halters
Lead ropes
Jack for trailer
Tail bag/wrap
Spare tire
Manure fork
Emergency phone numbers in case of breakdown
Trailer first-aid kit
Plenty of stored water for horse(s); buckets

For You:

Hat or cap
Comfortable clothes/shoes for after competition
Beverages and snacks
Folding chairs
Aspirin, Band-Aids
Cell phone
Lint remover
Safety pins and sewing kit
Grooming apron or other cover-up

For Your Horse:

Saddle pads
Legwear (for warm-up, as well as show-ring–as dictated by your discipline)
Approved martingales or other auxillary tack
Spare stirrups and leathers
Breast plate, as needed
Longe line and longe whip (optional)
Stud chain (optional)
Halter and lead line, plus a spare
Horse blanket and cooler (optional)
Drinking water and bucket
Hay/haynet, other feed
Equine first-aid kit
Stall guard and screw eyes (if you’re boarding overnight)

For Grooming:

Fly spray
Shampoo / conditioner / detangler
Sweat scraper
Brushes, curries
Hoof pick
Coat polish
Spot remover and/or whitening product
Sponges and rags
Hoof dressing / polish
Grooming tote
Leather cleaner
Cordless clippers (for missed hairs)
Water in a spray bottle
Braiding kit / banding supplies
Ribbons for mane (saddleseat)
Rain gear, if needed

Show Apparel:

Jeans or show pants
Boot pulls and jack
Boot socks
Boot polish
Shin and knee guards (games/gymkhana); other protective gear
Coat, jacket or vest
Show shirt
Helmet or hat
Hair net/hair accessories
Tie / pin / scarf / choker
Underpasses (saddleseat)
Rain gear, if needed


  1. Thank you for the checklist. This month I will be showing without a trainer due to illness on her part. I was beginning to worry that I would forget something. You list is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Mary O’Toole

  2. Don’t forget rags!! You can never have enough rags for last minute boot polishes, swiping sweat or slobber, dust etc.

  3. this will help greatly i have a show saturday and i’m bring 7 horse all different disaplines so pray for me and thanks 4the list.

  4. Hello I really like this and is really going to help me on upcoming shows but I wish that it could be aimed more for western riders.

  5. This is awsome, I was searching everywhere the day before the show, to try to find the checklist, this is the only site I found that has everything on it, I am printing multiple copies as I write this. Thanks a ton.

  6. i just have one thing to add to show apparel if you ride hunters or if you need one a pin for your collar unless it has your initials

  7. Great checklist has everything you would need for a horse show even for people who are just begining I hope that alot of people check this website its great

  8. Thanks so much for the wonderful checklist, I am eager to compete this summer on my Irish Thoroughbred Crosses in shows again… Whew it seems as though only the other day I washed and stashed away all my show things for the winter and now it’s nearly show season again! Thanks a lot!

  9. HI
    i love this checklist, it has all the right
    things you would need for a horse show but it
    could have two sections, one for english riders and one for western riders so that people wouldn’t get things messed up. otherwise it is a great, great checklist, so far the best i have seen yet

  10. Thanks! it really helps, and you can definitly make sure you have everything. Once I wen to a show, and forgot all my brushes!

  11. on this check list there were alot of things needed for english riding and not that many western… should make a check list for english riders and one for western please because there were some things that were not on there that many wester riders needed thank you

  12. Thanks for the great check list! this will really help me at the next show. I almost always forget something… last time it was my show pants… yeah thats a biggie :):):)

  13. Thank You so much for tacking the time to do this list. I have gone to so many horse shows and forgotten so much, but now with this list i have not forgotten anything!!!

  14. Great list, helps a lot. THe only thing I would add is any meds your horse is on, or supplements they’re used to taking (as long as they test clean of course) so you don’t change the routine too much

  15. this is the most complete list i’ve seen. i showed it 2 my trainer, and she said the only thing missing was a lyrca/other material neck cover/sock. But this is an amazing list!

  16. This is great! I never forget a thing with this list! The only thing I would add to it is some winter gear, this list seems to be directed at summer seasons. Other then that, love the list!

  17. Looks good except for making sure you have a full tank of gas the day before and to check tires, lights, and brakes on the truck.

  18. Hannah, maybe some of the things on this list are a little odd but obviously you’ve never competed unless you would know ANYTHING can happen at a horse show…. ANYTHING!

  19. Never, I mean never, forget to bring small razors for those over the night stubbles your horse gets. They are absolutley perfect when you eed to quickly clip your horse/pony and don’t have time to get out those clippers. They are life saver before your classes.

  20. So glad I found this list. I finally talked my daughter into doing a show. It’s Aug. 8, 2010. Last year when she went to horse camp it seemed like we forgot alot of stuff. I’m not going thru that with a horse show!!

  21. thank you for this list! i’ve gone to plenty of shows before but i always forget something.. now that i’ve found this i will never forget again! πŸ™‚

  22. Hahaha. You wouldn’t believe it. I am a Novice Eventer and i have been competing for years. But every time i go to a event i always look at this checklist. It is great

  23. Hey you could also add. Bandages to the Grooming list. Because when i clean my horse the day before i rap his legs up to keep them clean over night.

  24. I didn’t think to bring flyspray but it makes sense. My mare always flips her tail to keep off flies and it makes her look bad maybe she’ll look better.

  25. I use this checklist evey show, and i thank the Horse Channel for making this. They even thought of stuff i would never think of.
    Love this checklist, and i show this to all of my showing friends

  26. This is a good list, but it needs some re-organization and addtions. Some items for the “horse” are listed in the travel section. Another section should be added: Items for Show set-up: This includes buckets, stall guards, wheel barrel, broom, shovel, stall curtains, bridle/saddle racks/hooks, feed, hay, supplements, etc.

  27. One thing to be added would be rags– That’s the one thing my friend and I forgot one day and my horse had laid down in urine– I was using everything from old socks to sponges etc.

  28. I think it is great. I am only using this for my schooling show at my barn so T didn’t have to worry about some sections.

  29. I’d also like to add:
    Baby Power (for whiteing blazes, socks and other white marks on your horse)
    Petroleum Jelly (for black areas on your horse’s face)
    Baby Wipes – wiping dust off your horse’s hooves…and/or for eye or nose discharge (especally slobber after a snatch of grass!) Also great for your own boots/gloves before entering the ring.
    Hoof oil or clear polish (for making your horse’s hooves shine!)
    Overall a great list! Thanks a lot!

  30. dont forget the horse! hahaha good job. but dont forget a fly mask for walking your horse out or a hammer in case a shoe comes loose or needs new nails!

  31. I really like this! My sister & I usually make our own but this would be much faster — especially if it is last minute and we need to make a list quick! πŸ™‚

  32. Great list – maybe add category for tack stall type needs like: saddle stand or hanger, hooks for halters, bridles etc. bungie cords to hang all kinds of stuff, box fans, extension cords, mirror, see through storage boxes for grouping things (ie towels, bungie cords, bucket hangers’cords) spray nozzle for hose and hose.

  33. Good list – also Brenda’s Tack Warehouse in Woodland up by Sacramento in California gives out a laminated copy of a horse show check list for free I got mine and it really helps as I forget somethinga and it has more show specific tack stuff…

  34. Thank you so much for posting this checklist- I check it every single time I am going to a show, whether it’s a week long A rated show out of town or it’s a local show that I am showing off the trailer for! This list is much appreciated πŸ™‚

  35. Being an old seasoned traveler, I decided to double check things anyway. Good thing because the Coggins and Rabies certificates never entered my mind.!


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