Horse Theft Prevention Tips

  • Don’t assume it won’t or can’t happen to you.
  • Notice changes or differences around your barn or boarding facility, such as tire tracks, human footprints, fences that have been disturbed, gates latched differently and so on. This may be the work of a thief checking out the area.
  • Know your horse’s habits. Is your horse suddenly hanging out in a far corner of the pasture that he never used to visit? A thief might be baiting your horse, putting out sweet feed until your horse goes to that spot at predetermined times. The thief can then conveniently meet your horse at the fence, cut an opening and take him.
  • Post signs. Law enforcement professionals say one of the best theft deterrents is to post signs that prove your horses are permanently identified. Also, signs that say a security system or agency protects your property. At a horse show or gathering, put up small signs on your trailer and in your barn area.
  • Lock your truck and install a lock on your trailer’s hitch. Savvy thieves can hitch your truck to your trailer, load your horses, and drive off with truck, trailer, tack and horses in one neat package.
  • Be careful when posting your horses on online classified advertisement websites. You can inadvertently advertise to thieves where your horse is located, what he looks like, how much he is worth and so on.
  • Set up a neighborhood watch in your area. Don’t be afraid to step in and question unfamiliar people who drive through. If they ask you why, let them know and write down their license plate numbers. This may scare off the less professional thieves.
  • Sign up for NetPosse and help distribute stolen horse information.

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For More Information:
Stolen Horse International
(704) 484-2165



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