Vacationing with Icelandics

Vacation options featuring riding an Icelandic horse

Riding an Icelandic horse is a great experience. Riding an Icelandic horse in Iceland is even more amazing. If you want to spend a vacation getting to know these horses in their native country, there are an abundance of different vacation opportunities available. To give you an idea, check out some of these options:

* Riding with the Herd—If riding with a herd of Icelandic horses by your side seems enticing, Icelandic Adventure’s Riding with the Herd vacation should be your next riding vacation. Five different tours varying in length from five to nine days are available, featuring riding with Icelandic “remounts”[Q: What does she mean by remounts?] roaming free in your midst as you journey through the Icelandic countryside.  Riders experience the Icelandic tradition of riding with running herds, staying in different types of accommodations from tourist class hotels to mountain huts throughout each of the tours.

* Volcano Contrasts—Parts of Iceland are known for beautiful volcanic countryside, and Icelandic Adventure offers the opportunity to ride through this landscape on a native mount. You’ll ride across a moor to the Hengill volcano and over the lava field Kristnitokuhraun. This two-day ride is geared for those new to the Icelandic horse and includes a visit to the Reykjadalur natural hot spring. Accommodations are in the outfitter’s farm hotel.

* Hekla-Landmannalaugar—If riding through the rugged Icelandic scenery on the Icelandic horse, whose gaited stride brings you across the terrain with ease,sounds like fun, check out Equitours’ Hekla-Landmannalaugar ride. It encompasses six days of trail riding in Iceland’s vast interior. A longer version of this ride, Fjallabak, covers the same area, but is more demanding and takes place over eight days. Riders stay in quaint lodges in the area.

*America2Iceland—If you want a full experience of the Icelandic horse, America2Iceland offers the perfect solution. Providing different tours each year, trips include clinic time, trail riding, and excursions to top breeding stables and the home of the largest Icelandic horse festival in the world, as well as visits and talks with some of Iceland’s most well known breeders, teachers, riders and equine historians.

* Sugarbush Tolt Trek—You don’t have to venture across The Pond to experience the Icelandic Horse. If you prefer to stay closer to home, you can ride Icelandics through the Green Mountains of Vermont, courtesy of Equitours. You’ll tolt through rivers, meadows, farmland and forests over six days, spending your nights in a quaint village inn. Here you’ll feast on hearty New England fare.

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