In Memory of John Henry

    John Henry
    March 9, 1975 – October 8, 2007

    After breaking numerous records in racing history and capturing the admiration of fans across the nation, the cantankerous John Henry gave way to kidney failure and loss of muscle mass.

    At 32 years old, he was humanely euthanized Oct. 8, 2007 at the Kentucky Horse Park. To read the entire article, click here >>

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    1. He was a great horse and my whole family is saddened by his death. We send our prayers out to those who knew him best and worked with him the most.

    2. When I was little my horse crazy friends and I would always fight over who would “ride” John Henry, and the one who was elected the privalege was always the champion at the end of the day. Its truly sad to know that the horse that my friends and I fought over has ended his journey here on earth, but just imagine, he’s out there racing again: in our memories!

    3. Dearest John Henry, Though you earthly body finally yeilded to time, your spirit is now
      free to run once again. You are a great champion to us all and there will always be a blanket of flowers over your back. Rest well old man, you did good.

    4. I met John Henry for the first time about three years ago. As soon as my eyes met his I fell in love with him. I heard about his passing while I was watching the breader’s Cup on tv.

    5. I had loved John Henry for such a long time, since I new there was such a horse I could see, who ran with great speed to the finish line. Taking the roles as a champion from young till he retired to his pasture. I had only been to the Kentucky Horse Park 3 times and I has seen him so much and soo many times. John henry is a brave soldeir and a dear friend to me. When I met him, he remembered me and remembered his treat I brought to him. He remembered and I did also the kiss he had given to me. John henry will always be loved inside all trainers, jockeys, his owners and his fans. But John henry will be more important then just a broken leaf! We will remember what he has done for us and how he has still lived as a true friend and champion.
      So now he laid his head into my lap, our eyes met with tears. As he spoke to me in small gently words. It was time, for him to go and he would never forget. All he had done in his life, for his friends, his family and his loved ones. He would never forget and for there. He ran to the clouds above us, dancing with pride and joy, racing his long known friends. He will never forget how he had lived for such along time.
      He is a champion….Our friend…..A hero and one we will always love.

    6. I had always wanted to go to the horse park to see John Henry. I was able to go in May of this year and Im so glad John was there. What a great horse. I feel for those who were close to him. At least now he can run free in the great beyond.

    7. John Henry, your spirit will be missed on earth but will always run free in a better place. God Bless you and thank you for all you have taught us. Good bye John Henry.

    8. It was with great sadness that I read of John Henry’s passing. Three years ago,my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing him in the Hall of Champions. I will always remember him standing in his stall,playfully blowing into his water bucket,as I talked to him. What a handsome old rascal he was and I got the feeling he understood every word,even though he was pretending not to pay any attention! I’ll never forget him.

    9. I am crushed to have lost such a horse. I cried the day he died and I miss him so much. He was a champion in a way that people truly understand, an underdog.
      We miss you so much John. God made a speical place for you in heaven.
      I love you.

    10. We visited the Horse Park in 2006 and had the pleasure of meeting John Henry. It was clear that he was loved and cherished by those who cared for him. I cannot think of a better place he could have spent the past 22 years than among folks who loved him and respected him. It is wonderful to see the care given to these retired champions. I’m sure John Henry would agree that ALL senior equines, champions or not, should be so well loved and attended to until their last earthly days. John, God Bless!

    11. I wish I could have met him, but I did’nt get the chance. He was a great racing horse to me. I saw pictures of him on the computer. I like that horse because he is a great horse to me. I thought I was going to see him when I go to the Kentucky Horse Park this summer with my aunt and grandma.

    12. he is a wonderful legend in the horse world. i plan on naming my horse after him. potential thrived in him. may God take him to heaven so Jesus Christ can ride on him coming back for all of us.!

    13. I never saw John Henry race but, after meeting him at the Horse Park, I grew to love him nontheless. I was privilaged to catch a glimpse of John Henry the weekend before he was euthanized. I was saddened by the sight of this fraile but once great champion. He was truly one for the books!
      So long, my friend, I’ll miss seeing you.


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