HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Kimberwick


Kimberwick BitKimberwick:  A kimberwick (also called a kimblewick or kimberwicke) is a curb bit for English riding that functions much like a Pelham only it is designed to be used with just one rein that exerts leverage action. The reins attach to D-shaped bit rings, and a variety of mouthpieces are available.

  • Some kimberwicks are designed with two slots for the reins. When the rein is placed in the lower slot, the leverage action is increased.
  • Hunter ponies are often shown in kimberwicks because it is a leverage bit utilizing only one rein, making it user-friendly for small children.
  • The kimberwick is the most popular bit in the hunter under saddle division at AQHA and APHA breed shows.

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  1. I jump my QH Justin with this bit. It works great! he has a hard mouth because his previous owner was inexperienced, so this bit works well.

  2. Used this on my draft mare who was constantly pulling the reins out of my hands and was rather hard mouthed. Was an excellent bit, and she was very responsive in it. I used it on the higher (milder) slot.


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