Molly Powell’s Winning Barrel Runs


Molly Powell is a top barrel racing competitor and clinician and holds the title of 2004 World Reserve Barrel Racing Champion. Powell offered her insight on controlling a barrel horse before and after a run in the January, 2009 issue of Horse Illustrated.  Now watch some of her winning runs with her horse, Ritzy.

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  1. i love your barrel runs. i wish i could ride that good. i was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to cut seconds off my time? my horse almost always hits the 2nd barrel in practice and in shows and its usually when i have good times. i hope you can help. hope you write back.

  2. I think your barrel racing is awsome!!!!!!!! I do
    barrel racing myself with my horse Toastie and I
    would love some pointers on how to get my horse to
    run faster on the way home.You are a great barrel
    Erika and Toastie

  3. i love to watch you barrel race and i am a barrel racer at the age 14 and maken 17.854 with my 4 year old standard breed quarter she loves new thing on the barrels and has a probable stoping can u help me.

  4. This was perfect. I am doing a presentation to my 3rd grade class about the Red Bluff Round-Up. I was a barrel racer in RB when I was young. I’m bringing in a roper, bull rider, bareback rider, and saddlebronc ridder. This is just what I needed. Nice run by the way.

  5. i am an experienced barrel racer and i agree with barrelgirl00 there is NO WAY she got around those barrels in 6 seconds!!!! just sayin

  6. Dixiegirl, you should pay closer attention to the video. Her time was 15.696 seconds, not 6.
    It’s impossible to run barrels in 6 seconds, even inexperienced horse people know this.

  7. BARRELgirl00, just like my previous comment directed at Dixiegirl, the barrels appear to be spaced correctly. If they were “barely” spaced out, her time would have been a lot quicker.

  8. Good runs, but barrel racing scars the heck out of me! My good friend just passed away from a serious accident while running in this past Aug of 2014!


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