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Stepping Stones


Balloon Race

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  1. I think horseback games are great but I don’t think running with a stick is the greatest Idea. I feel its very dangerous. Not only for the rider but the horse also. Someone could really get hurt.

  2. Hugo (my horse) and I watched it and decided we could do it when pigs fly cause those kids must be magic or years of training have payed off!

  3. Those contests look like so much fun, although i`m not sure how well I would do with the stepping stones lol.. I wish those were games actually in 4-H.

  4. You can find out a lot more about mounted games at which is the website for Mounted Games Across America. MGAA holds competitions and clinics through out the country and is willing to help anyone get started in the sport. It’s the best thing you can ever do on a horse (IMHO) and is also way less expensive than other horse sports. Anyone can learn to play it just takes a little practice.

  5. Joust was a good way to teach a safe dismoount and remount. But those two games with the sword/stick is a great way to impale a rider or horse!!!

  6. Mounted games is fun for everyone. My Pony Club hosted a clinic, and lots of people showed up, even people who haven’t ridden before. MGAA is an association that included all ages, and different divisions for different paces. Everyone has fun with mounted games mounted games is life.


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