HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Mullen Mouth Snaffle


Mullen mouth snaffle bitMullen mouth: Despite the non-jointed mouthpiece, a Mullen mouth snaffle is just that: a snaffle. When designed with a pair of simple bit rings, it utilizes direct rein pressure and not leverage, so in this configuration it is not a curb bit. With its Plain Jane look, it’s a mild bit.

  • The Mullen design can include some slight variations such as copper rollers.
  • Many English pelhams and curb bits feature Mullen mouthpieces.
  • The Mullen design exerts pressure on the horse’s tongue as well as the corners of its mouth and the bars, so that bit contact is dispersed fairly evenly.

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  1. what is the next level bit, I worry that there is not a curb chain to stop him…he has been trained in a Mullen and my trainer says any bit will do but I need to know which one


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