Obedience Classes


    You may want to consider enrolling your dog in an obedience class before you introduce him to your horse. 

    “Everybody needs a trainer to help them develop particular skills when they’re learning to ride,” says Sophia Yin, veterinarian, animal behaviorist and author of How To Behave So Your Dog Behaves. “It’s the same with dog training. The timing of when you give the treat, and how or when you move your body a certain way makes a big difference in communicating to the dog what you want. It’s one thing for a dog to ‘sit’ or ‘come’ when asked in the house; it’s completely different when asking the dog to focus on you in an exciting environment with lots of distractions.” 

    Free videos and articles on obedience trainings are available at Dr. Yin’s website: AskDrYin.com. For more information on dog breeds, care and training, visit DogChannel.com

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