Parelli’s 10-Minute Tips

Build the relationship with your horse in 10 minutes a day

If you don’t think you have time to try Parelli techniques, or if you think all that groundwork takes too much time, here is a no-excuses approach. Each tip requires a maximum of 10 minutes a day. Even if you board your horse and can only get out a few times a week, you can still use that time to radically improve the relationship you have with your horse.

Each month, we’ll be adding new tips, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

Before you start, get a little spiral notebook and write notes on your horse’s reactions to each tip. It will be easier to see where you started and track your results.

Carrot Stretches
Three quick exercises to help increase your horse’s flexibilty.

Cat Stretch
Another quick exercise to help increase your horse’s flexibility.

Lateral Flexion
Supple your horse’s neck for lateral flexion.

Confidence Builder: Plastic Bags-Part One
Teach your horse that plastic bags are not a threat.

Confidence Builder: Plastic Bags-Part Two
Build your horses confidence with plastic bags even further.

Clipper Shy
Is your horse afraid of the clippers? Help him feel relaxed when it’s time to clip.

Ear and Head-Shy
Build your horse’s confidence with his face and ears.

Eight-Minute Abs
Strong abs are important for your horse’s back. Here’s a tip to strengthen them.

Lower the Head
Teach your horse to relax and lower his head with a simple touch.

Preparatory Commands
Learn to prepare your horse before asking a command.

Follow a Feel
Ten minutes a day of this program and eventually your horse will lead by a thread.

Respond to a Send
Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply point at the trailer and get your horse to willingly walk in? Here’s a tip that will put you on the right road.

Develop the Squeeze Game
You can develop your horse’s Respect by teaching him the Squeeze Game.

Matching and Mirroring

Determine Your Horse’s Horsenality

Practice Emergency Dismounts
Does your fear of falling off prevent you from getting on?

Build Confidence
Does your horse spook when you or anyone else moves quickly around him?

Build Confidence Part 2
Build your horse’s confidence and courage by desensitizing him to your movements with this easy tip.

Build Leadership
Are you nervous that when you lead your horse he’s going to pull, step on you or even nip at you?

Gain your horse’s affection by respecting his space.

Undemanding Time
Try undemanding time to get your horse interested in you again.

Pick up his FeetTeach your horse to pick up and hold his own feet.

A Good Scratch
A 10-minute scratching session with no strings attached will win your horse’s heart.


  1. I was really happy to read this article because I do Parelli horsemanship with my horse! I don’t see articles by Parelli that often, so I value the information he writes in the articles that I do get the pleasure of reading. And I suggest that everyone does the same. His methods really do help create a better relationship with your horse!

  2. I found the tips very efficent. I liked the tips and I’m going to use them on my horse and myself to become closer. Thank you so much!
    via e-mail

  3. I’ve been practicing Parelli methods since 1997, and they’ve never failed me. My time with my partners on these cold, cold days warms my heart and builds such a trusting relationship. There’s no better therapy in the world.

  4. Good
    to spend TIME is an investment—done well with horses yes i do do this as much as possible and it WORKS—thank u for the reminder and great tips
    I have Parelli—love them!!!

  5. I’ve been studying PNH for almost 10 years now, it has never let me down. My horses and I have the best relationship we can, and I love every second of it.
    The Parellis never cease to amaze me, and every time I see them, they’ve become better and developed something new and amazing.
    These tips are fantastic, I appreciate the “No excuses” attitude-haha.

  6. I would like to know if there is help for a jeckle and hyde horse. My aqha mare is just great when we are alone on the trail or even when we ride with a group but she really gets antsy and pranchsy when on a trail ride and the wagons begin to roll. She has beautiful ground manners, walks slowly and does not get into your space. She is on the bottom end of the pecking order in the pasture but it seems like she needs to be in front of the ride to slow down to a fast walk. If I try to hold her back she will pranch or trot the whole way. I’ve try to wear her down during week long rides but the current record is six and a half long days before she calms down. It becomes work and not pleasure to ride her. I would hate to find her another home but if I can’t ride her I don’t need her. In your opinion, does she have a chance to be riding pardner or is she destined to be a sparring pardner?

  7. Pat’s tips sound just right for my schedule and my situation. I have owned a rescued OTTB since last August, and these exercises are made to order for both of us. He’s 19 and I’m 62, so I’m always interested in school techniques that aren’t designed for eventers and pro’s. This way I can still be very involved but at an easy pace for both of us! Thanks.

  8. Great tips to strengthen your relationship with your horse. Take the time it takes so it takes less time!
    Love Parelli!

  9. These are great tips, please keep them coming. We can all use information like this to make us and our horses more in tune with each other. Your tips have helped me so much in the past. Thank you again for helping horse and rider instead of looking to fill your pocket with $$ by keeping your tips a secret only to be unlocked by purchasing a book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Great 10 minute Parelli tips. Wow, there is a lot of things you can do to improve your relationship with your horse in just 10 min. at a time.
    Loved it!!!!
    Keep them coming 🙂

  11. This has a great variety of parelli excercises to do with your horse. I would like to see some parelli ones for riding though.

  12. These are so easy to use. I would like to see some quick tips for a checklist on keeping a good seat while riding–not only for my balance and being connected to my horse–but to make sure my horse stays comfortable for the ride, too.

  13. I love the Parelli 10-Minute Tips. Thanks for posting them. Living in a climate that does not always cooperate with my plans, these tips keep me motivated and keep me playing with my horse.

  14. Great information all in one place. Have been studying and practicing Parelli for 2 years and it REALLY does make a difference to your horse!
    Thank you!

  15. Wow!! What a great incentive to spend that
    time with your horse building the relationship,
    when time is limited. So often if we only
    have ten minutes to spare, we just don’t do
    anything with our horses! I just took
    10 miutes to improve my send and in the first
    session there was improvement. It truly is
    the release that teaches! I knew that!!!
    Thanks again to Pat for sharing so many tips with
    us. Sue Bowie

  16. This advice is very effective. Every day i am amazed at how my horse responds and listens to me now. I am finding that my original desire and love for horses that caused me to buy one is coming back and is even stronger. Parelli Thank You so much. Your teachings and knowledge are a very big part of my overall happiness in life.

  17. I love Parelli! He has the best tips in the world for training horses! I use mostly his methods with my own kind of mixed in, but yeah. Anyways, I love this article. This is very nice! I even saved it to my favorites, so I can look at it later.

  18. Are there words to describe the thankfulness a horse owner AND horse feel in these incredibly common sense techniques? “Thank you” is insufficient but will have to do.

  19. Great info. Things I know,but just don’t do or think about. Will be using these techniques now though. Whenever I get a chance to get out to the horses that is !!


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