Build Confidence


Does your horse spook when you or anyone else moves quickly around him? You can build his confidence by working with him for 10 minutes a day.

Put a halter on your horse with a 12-foot leadline and practice skipping. Yep, skip. If your horse is very spooky, start by skipping away from your horse as you lead him — horses are more confident when they’re following something, rather than when something is approaching them. When your horse seems confident with this new way of walking, skip toward him. If he reacts, keep skipping until he lets you approach and touch him, then stop immediately to let him know that relaxing is what you want him to do. If your horse is very sensitive, start outside his stall. If your horse isn’t bothered by your skipping, try jumping jacks. Having a less spooky horse is going to build your confidence, too.

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  1. Oh WOW!!! I have a 4 year old Anglo Arab and he was the spookiest horse I have ever met! I was sooooo extremly sick of it and I decided ‘that is enough with the spooking.’ I kept looking to find a good trainer… but couldn’t find one! I finally decided to get on the internet and search. That is when I remembered HI and so I came here. It helped sooo much! I can’t even tell you how much it helped. I can do anything to him with out him spooking! it is an amazing, AMAZING way to help spooky horses! THANKS PAT!!


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