Eight-Minute Abs


Everyone wants abs of steel or even just a strong, flat stomach. Strong abdominal muscles support your back and maintain correct posture. Strong abs are important for your horse’s back as well. Here’s a tip for the “horse version” of the stomach crunch. Stand about where your leg would fall if you were riding. Watch for your horse’s reaction as you reach under his belly, about a hand’s width behind where the girth would be, and scratch with your fingers. If your horse is comfortable with this, form your fingers into a “claw” and scratch more firmly, until your horse lifts his back. Repeat this about four times. Once your horse is comfortable with this exercise, include it every time you groom your horse. Your partner will develop abs of steel in no time!

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  1. You not only need to do this but ride you horse in long and low neck stretched forward for 2 years and lunge them with side reins of chambon in a walk and trot. Rhythmic and forward with hind legs flexing in the three joins and getting under the horses belly. This takes two years for any horse, any breed and ant style of riding! Then you can start bring horse up I to collection. Their back must be muscled and rounded to carry a rider properly!


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