Lateral Flexion


LATERAL FLEXION – Working with your horse in-hand on a lead line, stand at his side at the girth area. Take a few seconds to play the Friendly Game; give your horse a little scratch or a rub to let him know all is well. Then increase your energy, so your horse knows that you’re about to ask him something. Take a little feel of the lead line and hold it out to the side, about 18 inches from the withers. Gently ask your horse to bring his head around without tugging or pulling hard. Acknowledge his slightest attempt by releasing immediately, and then ask again. This exercise will eventually lead to asking your horse to stretch his nose to your toe when you’re in the saddle. The process requires you to achieve relaxed flexion an inch at a time. Give yourself a few weeks to see how little it takes to ask your horse to bend and give his head. The more quickly you release, the lighter your horse will become. 

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