Gaits of the Paso Fino


    One step, two step, three step, four. See and hear the unique four-beat lateral gait of the Paso Fino in this exclusive video. The Paso Fino’s four-beat lateral gait comes naturally to the breed and can be performed at three different speeds and degrees of collections, known as the Classic Fino, Paso Corto and Paso Largo. The video gives you an introduction to the Paso Fino’s gait, with demonstrations of these three variations. Observing the rhythm and cadence of the breed’s gait makes it easy to understand why the Paso Fino is a comfortable mount on trails and a facinating horse in the show ring.


    For more information, visit the Paso Fino Horse Association website.

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    1. I rode my first paso fino and i loved it. I have riden appolusa, quarter, tennesse walkers, and tennesse walker/paso mix. I didnt know if i would like it or not but i have fallen in love.

    2. luv it!! i have a 5 year old paso/quarter mix gelding….he is a dark bay with 3 white stockings, piebald and glass-eyed. i have just recently trained him, and have enjoyed every minute of it. he was a challenge because he is deaf. his walk is fast and smooth, but he does trot, and his lope is awesome….would love to have a purebred someday…personality is fantastic.

    3. To tell you the truth, it may be smooth but it looks ridiculous. And just when it got interesting with the cart the video stops.

    4. I love it! I own a Peruvian Paso/Paso Fino cross and he is by far the smoothest horse I’ve EVER ridden plus he has the most willing, sweetest temperament and personality. I’M IN LOVE 🙂

    5. Paso Finos are awesome! They are beautiful movers and they are soooooo smooth. For those of us that have back and neck issues they are perfect! They have the most comfortable gait than any horses I’ve owned. They have a lot of heart too!

    6. I have severe back problems and love to ride horses. Usually not a good combination. I just recently aquired a Paso and it truely is the smoothest horse I have ever rode. Their gait is not rediculous, however it might not be for everyone. These horses are, to some, just what the doctor ordered. They are very eager to do what the rider wants. I recomend the Paso Fino breed to anyone who likes a long pleasure ride on a horse that loves being rode.

    7. Paso finos feel like floating on air! You can even ride without a bit or even without a bridle and the horse will hold the neck vertical. There is no need for strong bit contact! Anyone who is ever lucky enough to ride a paso will never want to sit on anything else. They are also the most amazing and willing breed. I wouldn’t want any other!

    8. I love Paso Finos! I love their spirit, their intelligence, and their sweetness. My Paso is gettin on in years and I haven’t ridden him in awhile due to his injury and my own health problems, but he has a home with me for life. Some of my fondest memories are of riding him on mountain trails. We floated as if on air. He is so sure footed–always taking care of the both of us. I want to get back into riding and am looking for another Paso. I’ve ridden Icelandics, TWHs, and other gaited horses. I only want to ride a Paso.

    9. The riders look awful. Their backs should be straight and legs not out in front. Eyes forward please. Camera angle makes the horses legs look so short, even deformed. Those largo horses don’t seem to extend their front legs very far. A largo horse should MOVE. Gaits should be more even, not onetwo threefour. Lets get some better videos with good riders. Yes, they look weird. Should be beautiful, even magical.

    10. i had a paso fino once, the gaits areso smooth! but the riders need to have better riding position! love the horses, so pretty!

    11. i own a paso fino right now and i find that it is very hard to keep her balenced and calm unless i sit deep in the saddle with my legs far forward, which i know is undesireable in the showring, and to many people. but id rather have my horse balenced then have people approve of my position

    12. As an international trainer and competitor the position of the rider and the movement of the horse is correct! The Paso has a four stride in their gaits. You do not want a Paso Fino stretching out in the Largo gait like a Peruvian two different breeds!

    13. that was nice to watch, but why the tight rein on nearly all the horses. None of the horses even looked relaxed or enjoying the rides.

    14. PKL, the reins look tight but it is not, it is just like riding english or hunter, we have contact. And these horses do this naturally. They are not anxious or nervous, but excited and happy.

    15. After having back surgery, I was told that I probably would never ride a horse again. Little did the surgeon know that the Paso Fino breed fascinated me and would allow the “forbidden” activity. Six years later, I ride every day and I ride both of my Paso’s ! Loving , kind and patient, they follow my grandchildren around like puppies… If you are considering this breed, try a “test ride” you’ll never want to stop.

    16. i am riding two pasos since 8 years, i rode endurance on arabians and dressage on all kinds of warmblooded horses. my heart belongs to the paso fino, forever, for their character, willingness to please, hot blood, and sensitivity, and their gait. I am riding and living in the UAE. love that article

    17. For the past 11 years I have been owned by 2 paso finos. I have had other nice breeds but no other horse compares to the paso fino. I do distance and trail riding across all terrain and my pasos have never missed a beat. They are willing, gentle, and of course smooth.


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