The Doctor Is In Quiz Answers


Make sure you’ve considered your responses to the quiz carefully….

1. and 2.  Ping and Pong, both these critters presented the same way.  They both came in from the field limping.  The way I see it – either they are BOTH emergencies or they are BOTH not emergencies.  It makes me a titch sad for anyone to think the show horse is an emergency and the old pony is not.  If you were among that group – it might be you who had the emergency and not the critter.  Just something to think about…

3. Colleen comes in from the field with a swollen eye.  This is an emergency in my book.  Horses with swollen eyes tend to rub them and end up with corneal injuries if they didn’t have one to begin with.

4.  Moosebreath is colicking – call the vet.

5. Crankcase – well, a one-inch cut over a shoulder is a pretty small boo-boo on a horse.  Depends on how deep it is. 

6. Sassy Lou is likely in heat.

7. Penny Whistle – First you need to give this horse a cold water bath to get that fly spray off.  If the hives do not begin to resolve or are getting worse, this is reason to phone the vet.

8. Fang’s tooth fell out.  He is old.  This happens.

9. Dollup – If you know nothing about pregnant mares and called this an emergency you were correct to do so.  That said, pregnant mares get swollen legs just like women do.  If she has no fever or lameness, all this mare needs is a little exercise.

10. Zit – Twelve stings to a 1200 pound horse could be equivalent to one sting to a 100 pound person.  This is likely not an emergency; just another reason to get out that hose and give your critter a nice cold water bath.

11. Deadbolt – An emergency ONLY after you’ve checked the foot and found no foreign body (like a stone) wedged in there.

12. Phantasmagoria – This is an emergency.  Any critter that begins to walk in circles has a serious problem with its brain or inner ear.

13. Atticus – Head shaking is annoying for all involved and can have many causes.  It is not, however, an emergency.

14. Spitball – This has been going on for a month.  It is obviously not an emergency; however he does need to be seen soon.

15. Passthepeasplease – This horse worries me.  This could be laminitis, or the horse could be tying-up. 

16. ComDot – I can’t think of any reason for a head tilt that is not an emergency: trauma, viral, abscess.

17. Maryanne – Rainrot is not an emergency.  It is a bacterial infection of the hair follicles.  The condition requires vigorous grooming, a bath with an antibacterial agent, liberal rinsing, and then lots of sunshine.

18. Herriott – A temp of 102 is just at the worrisome stage for me.  Certainly worth a phone call to your vet.

19. Ophelia – Do you go to the emergency room when you have some goo running out of your nose, you have no fever and are polishing off your breakfast?  For those of you who are convinced this is a case of Strangles I’d certainly phone the vet.  But of course your critters would be vaccinated wouldn’t they?  And Strangles horses have sore throats and feel really crummy typically.  Ophelia appears to feel just fine.

20. Crunch – Bites are generally crushing injuries and need first-aid care like liberal washing, flushing and topical treatment.


  1. Hi this was very helpful and informative. I decided no vet for the show horse or old pony. As a relatively new horse owner with six now that are from a rescue, I panic at times. I have recently put together an emergency kit and books. Largely because I cannot afford the vet anymore!!! Of course, I will not hesitate in an emergency to call him but…….practicality. Thanks

  2. I enjoyed that and learned a few things. I missed three but I’m a worry wart and would call the vet to be sure all was well.


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