You Tell Us: Why is your horse a special family member?


    Sunny, my 20-year-old Welsh Pony, is special for so many reasons. For instance, our bond with each other has left us best friends for life. I share all my emotions with him, and he seems to share them with me. Sunny was my first horse and because of him, I own two more. Sunny is old but his heart, soul, spirit and mind are still young. There are still many reasons why Sunny is special but these are the best.  -Makayla Dahley, Internet

     My mare is a special part of my family because I got her at 4 months old and she is like my child. She is the first weanling I ever bought and trained. She is now 5 and to this day she hasn’t had one minute of professional training or another rider.
    Over the years we have had our ups and downs, but we have a special bond and I think the world of her. Last year was our first show season together and we did very well. We qualified for districts at our local 4-H show, and did well at the open shows we entered. I’m looking forward to our future together in the show-ring but mostly out.  -Delanie Casselbury, Pennsylvania

    Tarbender, my 13-year-old Leopard Appaloosa gelding, is more than just family–he’s a part of me. I was 12 years old when we bought Tarbender (Tar) at a sale barn. Now he has arthritis, even at his young age, so I don’t ride him a lot. He’s helped me through some pretty rough times, and when I need someone to talk to, I know I can always bury my face in his mane. I’ve brought him to two different schools for demonstrations, and anytime we have beginner kids he’s the one we choose to put them on. I want to use him for more demonstrations or maybe some therapeutic riding, but for now, he’s my best friend and companion. He truly is my guardian angel, and without him my days wouldn’t be so bright. He’s my best friend, and always will be.  -Micala Hunstable, Minnesota

     Rudy, my 9-year-old Paint gelding, is a special part of our family because I love him so much. He isn’t much of a show horse and my parents actually begged me to sell him and get a beautiful Thoroughbred mare, but I insisted that Rudy was much better even though he’s still green.
    He’s been my dream horse for as long as I can remember. I would always ride my pony by his pasture where he was at stud and fantasize about riding him. You can imagine my excitement when I received him as a present for my 12th birthday. Since then, I’ve showed him in a few local hunter/jumper shows and I even taught him to shake hands. He my best friend and definitely the best brother I could ask for!  -Tori McMahon, Internet

    My horse, Migo Magic, a 26-year-old Arabian mare, is a special member of the family for many reasons. In her own way, she teaches every kid she meets everything they need to know about a horse. We got her for my older sister, Jess, when Magic was 16, but Magic was given to me when my sister out grew her. Magic is the type of horse who, even at an older age, can out run, out smart and out maneuver all the younger horses on the farm, making me the happiest girl in the world to own her.

    The first time I took her to a horse show I was 8 years old and so scared that I was debating scratching my class, but my dad assured me Magic was a pro and would take care of me. She did just that, out of a class of 15-20 riders we trotted out of the show-ring with a third place ribbon. I was smiling from ear to ear. Magic had shown at Class A shows her whole life before we bought her, and she has taught me how to show and what to do. Any of my friends could hop on her and have a blast riding around the pasture. As a result, some of them have started talking about wanting to get horses of their own because of the joy and fun they had on Magic. My dad will even get on her now and then and go on a trail ride with me (which is quite a funny site since she is a small Arabian mare and he is 6 foot 1 inches tall.) After a scary riding accident, my mom was afraid to get on a horse. With Magic’s calm and loving nature the two of use persuaded Mom to go for a short ride. I boosted her up on Magic and away she went. I was so happy and so was my mom. Magic is a sincere member of the family for all of these reasons and more. We all love her very much. Even though she is now 26 and retired from being ridden, we still wouldn’t ever consider trading her for a younger horse.   -Tiffany Faughn, Missouri

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    1. My horse is Beau Zeau. He is special because no one thought he could do anything, and wanted to make him Alpo. People these days are so used to having complete control they give up on anything that has power over them. Beau was very mistreated in the mouth and no one wanted to try to help him.So my mom bought him and we put him in an english hackmore. He now happily accepts the bit. All he needed was someone to love him. I have never met a horse with more personality! If he doesnt like something, he pushes it % Once I was talking aloud about how I d my saddle, and he picked up the saddle with his teeth and threw the saddle! He’s definetly not a children’s pony, but I love him!

    2. My Horse Amira is a 21 year old Arabian, She IS the best horse around! Why do I think this? Well, when we got her, she had not been rode in many years. I really wanted a horse that I could just ride around the farm. She was a typical Arabian, and was a little flighty, after we worked with her for a summer, she became the most trustworthy horse that I have ever known! And you may think that at 11 years old I have not known many, well, that is not true, I ride Saddle seat and have rode many beautiful Arabians as well as many other types of horses. Amira can be trusted to first of all do almost anything I ask of her. She has more stamina than most young horses, we ride O Mok See (Games) and my old mare will outlast many of the others young horses. At the end of the day, we are usually not the fastest, but we are still there, while many others are trying to get their horses in the gate! I love my horse, she greats me every morning with a nicker, and is my best friend!

    3. Abby is my baby, a 12 year old Arab mix. She was my 4H horse in high school. At age 3 I had her in parades with flags waving and sirens blaring. She took it all in stride. Horse shows, trail rides, giving other people lessons, and any stupid stuff I decide to try in the pasture – she puts up with it all. I saved for 4 years so that I could buy her and take her to college with me. She is my de-stressor. When I turn her loose on some back trail, she runs so fast my worries can’t keep up. She got me thru undergrad and she’ll get me thru grad school too! Also, she chased off a couple big dogs who were after my little pup. My hero!

    4. Morgan is also such a special part of our family for many reasons. When a man my husband works with told him he was going to sell him at auction, my husband immediately bought him for me. Not only did we “rescue” him from an inevitable slaughter house, Morgan rescued me from my own type of slaughter. Unfortunately, I have a very bad case of depression which has crippled me in many ways. Morgan has turned my entire life around and actually saved my life on a few occasions. My husband got into some legal problems recently and, if it weren’t for Morgan, I most certainly wouldn’t be here to share my story as I have considered suicide since this has happened. Morgan allows me the opportunity to see the good things life has to offer and that there is a God; for it is God who brought Morgan and me together. I love being Morgan’s human (because I truly believe it is Morgan who truly owns me, not the other way around) and know God brought us together and allows me to keep my sanity through all of life’s tragedies.

    5. Jennifer my 17 year old mare is a very big part of my life. I can tell her my thoughts and she will listen. She gives me advice even i ask her simething and she even tells me what to do. We understand each other. And is the trail isn’t safe you can bet she won’t go; she would buck me off before she would take me somewhere unsafe. Eversince my dad brought her home she is THE BEST FRIEND i have ever had!

    6. My horse Jennifer is my BEST FRIEND. She listens to me and gives me answers to my problem. If i was crying she would come and nuzzle me. She understands me better than my parents. She is sure-footed and can smell danger a mile away.

    7. I appreciate and enjoy reading about others relationships with their equine companions. I am steward to a herdlet of eleven beautiful equine souls. I love each and every one of them equally, yet differently. How can or does one “quantify” love? Love should’t be about more or less but embracing the unique color or flavor we have with each of our loved ones. I don’t know what I’d do without each and every member of “my” herd but am reassured that should something happen to one or more of them that the others will be there to comfort and console me. I guess I’m “in love” with equines, they are a fire that burns from the very center of my soul. They literally leave me “breathless” and I get “butterflies” in my stomach whenever I gaze upon the perfect beauty of most any equine…
      ~”This one creature I have found who mirrors my soul… to this creature alone do I give the mystery of who I am.” – Author Unknown~

    8. Jazzi is my first horse and is a very well trained Paint mare. She was 13, I was 41. We trail ride for now. My first instinct is to trust, her’s is to question. I have learned to follow some of her instincts and she has learned to follow some of my experience. She can see and hear things that I can’t and sometimes she has to trust me that these things won’t hurt her. We work very well together. She has taught, I have learned and together this bonds us.

    9. i love my 13.3hh 17 year old welsh pony crossed with quarter horse. he is just great. im 12 and have had him since i was 8. he is a bay pony. we love to play in the feild and do silly games while i ride. he is such a comedian. he love to follow me around too!! Mikey is the best pony in the entire world

    10. Shotzie is a very very special member of my family… she is quiet, polite, gentle and willing to please you in any way you ask her. She is truly a lady. She is sweet to my 7 year old son and always watches out for him. She is patient and kind with him and is building my sons confidence beyond belief while learning how to ride. She is a wonderful teacher. She is truly a blessing to us and we will always cherish and appreciate her in every way , we all are definately best friends forever. We love her so much! She is the best!!

    11. my minnie is a very special member of my family and in my life. She is the “big sister” i turn to for advice, or to talk to,she is my baby, i love her to death and would give or do any thing for her, and she is my teacher. she has taught me to be financially responsable for a dependant at 13 yrs old. she taught me to live, luagh, and love, and forgive, if i hadnt forgiving her for running off with me then i would have missed out on riding the best horse i’ve ever known. she is so wonderful and even when minnie is gone i know she’ll still be there teaching me, loving me, guiding me through all of life. minnie is the center of my world my “big sister”, my baby, and my teacher. my best friend, forever!

    12. My 2 1/2 yo is so special because a few hours after her birth, we fell asleep in the hay together. We have started to grow up with each other, and love each other so much. One time we were playing with a hula skirt and I had it on my head. She went a little crazy, because she thought it was going to eat me. She pulled it off my head and stomped on it. She “killed” it for me, and I knew she was the greatest horse I have ever laid eyes on since!

    13. My horse is special because she’s not really mine. Fire, my neighbors 8 yr old, 14.3hh, walsh/arab/TW mare was just halter broke and then put out to pasture all of her life. After my cousin moves and took her horses with her I was severly “horse deprived”. So I woke up one moring and walk out to see Fire (before I knew the owner) and the owner was actually there, so I talked to him and asked if I could care for her becuse she knew me (she’d come when I whistled:). He said yes, now 3 years later (she is 8 now) I’ve longed broke her, got her used to a western saddle, bridle, and EVEN rode her 25 times! I wish I could afford 2 months board and training at my riding barn so I could get a professional to start her, but the bond we have is unbreakable no matter how much training she has.
      I love her with all my heart, and I know she does with me too. She’ll do certain things with and around only me, she whinnies whenever she see’s me and she always tries to get me to play “tag”. This little mare is special to me, I hope to own her soon, But I want to make sure I can’t financially afford her first, as ALL owners should before they buys a horse.
      This is for my special girl, Fire n’ Ice.

    14. I have a 3yr.old Mustang he is special to me because at age 53 I finally got my horse he was adopted from the blm in april of this year and I should be able to ride him this month or next. I am looking for a club to belong to so he and I can go on outings.

    15. Hi my name is Felicia 21 years old, I have a 9 year old Mustang gelding named Blaze. He is a part of my family because he has been there for me through rough times. I got him when I was 16 I was not in shool and had no friends. I was made to stay at home and help raise my younger brothers and sisters. When I turned 17 I found out that my step dad was taking pictures of me while I was in the bath. I wanted to commit suacide my mom told it was all my falt, and if I called the police that we would become homeless again and I would lose my horse. If Blaze was not there to save me I would not be alive today. When I was 18 I went to school to get my GED and my parents were making it hard for me. So I ran away, I ended up having to pay $200.00 to get my horse back. Sence then I have had some emotional problems that interfer with my partnership with my horse. I have problems trusting and Blaze knows that. I took a bad fall off him and now I am afraid but I keep tring and so does he. Family stick together.

    16. My Mustang,Navada, is special because he is my first horse and I am his first (and only) human. I know it is not recomended and I wouldn’t tell anyone to adopt a wild horse as their first horse. It has been an exciting journey and neither of us has hurt the other at all. We have literaly walked all the trails in Tennessee and enjoy that a lot. He isn’t very wide so he fits kids better than me, I ride once or twice a year, but mainly we do Parrelli games and have fun. He has brought many people to Mustangs and horses by being his fun self. He gives rides to anyone who asks and only bucked when a foot stayed in his crotch and my neice wouldn’t sit up straight in the saddle. I don’t blame him for that one. We have been together for 11 years and I don’t forsee any reason to even consider selling him. He is the best reason I know to get out of the bed of the mornings ever.

    17. My horse Jag Crowd Cody or Cody as we call him. Has been part of my family for the past two years, but he makes it seem like he’s been with us forever. He’s my baby. He’s 26 years-old Appendix horse, he was also a champion cutting horse the people we got him from said he used to pull back so hard his butt made an impression in the ground. I ride him, but need to work him back into shape. We got him after the four hurricanes that kinda happened back to back. He was on pasture during that time. When we got him he was extremely underweight. When we got him back to a good weight my dad had me get on him bareback. I was doing ok until my dad had him into a canter I slipped down in front of him. He came to a dead stop and backed up looked at me like “How did you get down there?”. He doesn’t know that he’s 26 he acts like he’s 2 again. I’m never getting rid of him he is the only guy.(Well he’s tied for #1 though)

    18. Bubba is a 7 year old paint gelding. He is special in his own way as he has showed me that I have room in my heart to love him after I had to have my first horse put to sleep. At that time I didn’t want another horse but went and looked at him anyways. I took him on a trial basis and was going to give him back but by the time I was to make a decision I had fallen in love with him. Bubba is younger and green broke and we have both learned from each others mistakes. I would not trade him for the world but he will NEVER take the place of my first horse. I know now that I have owned one great horse and now I have another great horse named BUBBA.

    19. Hammar the BLM Mustang, now 10 years old, is special to me for many reasons. He was roughly trained, practically abusively, and bucked when I tried to ride him the first two times. I have the scars to show how spooked he was of people, even on the ground. But I worked with Hammar, earned his trust, retrained him and brought him up to the amazing partner he is today. We don’t show much, but we have a few ribbons, including one red. He is so trusting that I can turn him loose and he doesn’t leave me. Hammar gives me his all every time I’m near him, and I can just hope I can always give him the same in return. He’s like the brother I never had and as much a part of my family as my 5 month old daughter he now helps look after.

    20. I am 14, and I have just learned to canter. My first attemt to canter was on a lesson horse I have ridden for a long time. That was when I was 13, and not ready. Max, the horse I rode, knew I was not ready. He is very aware of a rider that he knows well, and he reads you better than any horse I have ever known. I was on the lunge line, and he went into a fast trot, but would not canter. I was kicking, and I did not have reins. Instead, I had a rope specifically for lunge work around his neck to help me feel his head movement. My instructor was trying to get him to work, but unlike her, he knew I was not going to stay on. He stumbled, although he tried to catch me by stopping, and I fell off, 16.2 hands to the ground. I know that he knew I was not ready. Today, he canters for me perfectly, and I love him as much as I did before. I truly understand how many people love their horses. I know I love Max!

    21. My horse Mocha is a 6 year old bay Arabian mare. When I visit her in the pasture, she is nearly always the first horse to reach me out of 4 horses! She follows me everywhere, without a halter & lead. She’s ultra friendly & values human company over other horses!
      Mocha is a very fast learner. She learned halter, ground manners, & showmanship, all in one week practing only 20 minutes a day! I took her to a local fair for a week, & we showed in the open division. We earned a 2nd place in Arabian Aged Mares halter, out of 11 mares! We also earned a 4th place in showmanship, out of 8 other exhibitors! I’d say that’s very good, considering she learned all that in only a week!
      Mocha is definetly an awesome horse! She is currently in training to become an english horse. We will pronbably show next year too, not to mention other local shows! Thanks for reading this article! Bye!

    22. I enjoyed reading other stories about why a horse is like a member of the family. We have a 27-year old Tennessee Walker named Pride. We got her last year just before her 26th birthday from a family member. She no longer was producing foals, so he offered her to us. She has the sweetest personality. You can do anything with her. She watches everything that goes on, and knows when it’s eating time. She’s always up here waiting, but never pushy about it. We can ride with a saddle or bareback. My daughter has even ridden her with only a halter and lead rope. She is certainly special.

    23. My 8 year old Miniature horse, Fox, is part of the family because when I got him he was abused. I got him when he was year old, and when I was 9! It took almost 6 months for me to be able to touch him without him sweating, panicing or running away. But now I he is the best driving horse I’ve had the chance to work with. With all the work he and I have been through our bond is incredibly strong and I will never get rid of him, though I still can’t clip his ears. 🙂

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